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Armageddon has long been a topic of discussion in film and television. Whether it’s a pandemic, an asteroid, apes, or zombies, the end of the world has long fascinated and horrified viewers.

The last bus
The last bus

Armageddon (1998), The Walking Dead (2002–2005), and The Day After Tomorrow (2004) are only a few of the most extreme fictionalizations of the end-of-the-world scenario (2009). Netflix’s new British comedy series will also have a lighthearted take on the impending robot apocalypse.

However, this show follows the recent trend of portraying children/teenagers in post-apocalyptic settings, which is nothing new to the audience. The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Sweet Tooth (2021), Daybreak (2019), and The Rain (2018), have illustrated what it’s like to survive the apocalypse while going through the lovely years of adolescence.

Netflix’s The Last Bus will join the robot apocalypse genre and give viewers an inside look at how a group of youngsters deals with a robot invasion.

Last Bus Release Date

Netflix will premiere the British apocalyptic comedy series on April 1st, 2022.

Last Bus Plot

When “super-advanced robots begin to zap away humanity,” a group of “mismatched students” find themselves “fleeing for their lives” and “become the unlikeliest of heroes.” Dalton Monkhouse, played by Umbrella Academy’s Robert Sheehan, is a tech billionaire who has built robotic orbs to clean up the environment in an effort to counteract climate change and make the planet “cleaner.”

A launch display audience is vaporized by robots before they even leave their launch exhibition and begin their path of destruction, contrary to what everyone expected.

Throughout the journey, it appears that our heroes will encounter a number of obstacles. To preserve the world—or at least what’s left of it—the adolescents must work through their conflicts and clashing personalities, from “towering junk monsters to a damaged orb with a seemingly personal vendetta.”

However, they don’t know how or why the robots overrode their original purpose, or where their inventor is hiding.

Last Bus Cast and Crew

Paul Neafcy wrote and created PrankMe in 2017. The production company Wildseed came across Neafcy’s YouTube videos when he started posting them from his bedroom.

The ten-episode series was directed by Lawrence Gough, Steve Hughes, Nour Wazzi, and Drew Casson of Doctor Who (2016-2017), Casualty (2012-2021), Somewhere in London (2019), and The Darkest Dawn (2019) (2016).

The Director of photography is Vaughan Watkins, who also serves as an executive producer along with co-founder of Wildseed and Cleverley.

It appears that Netflix chose a cast of unknowns for their bunch of misfits, with the exception of Robert Sheehan (who became famous for his performance as Klaus in The Umbrella Academy) and Tom Basden (Afterlife 2019).

It was a UK-wide school search that uncovered these newcomers, and while the others appear to have a few minor credits to their name, it’s nothing important.

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The Rest of It

Climate change and artificial intelligence will both be discussed in the upcoming series, which will also convey a cautionary message. Co-creator Miles Bullough and co-executive producer Jessica Cleverley explained the ten-episode structure of the show when it was first announced in 2020.

Cleverly said, “Although at the top level The Last Bus is a shamelessly entertaining sci-fi romp, at another level, it is a powerful eco-fable about how the younger generation must be empowered to make very different choices from the generation which preceded it when it comes to the two big challenges of the age- environmental breakdown and hugely sophisticated artificial intelligence.”

Overall, it appears that the show is attempting to convey a relevant message. This presentation may provide a way for a younger audience to grasp the urgency of climate change and make a difference. Creating a show focusing on kids in a world-ending event may be the goal.

To be sure, the show will be humorous and ultimately entertaining for everyone who watches it, regardless of age.

Final Lines

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