The Last Of Us Remake Could Release This Year And All Latest Updates

It didn’t matter that The Last of Us Part II divided gamers into two camps. As far as narrative-driven post-apocalyptic games go, both of the series’ entries have been huge hits. The Past of Us received a remastered version at the beginning of the last generation; now it is getting a PlayStation 5 remake.

Sony’s latest cutting-edge technology is being used to build the legendary replica down to its skeletal structure. Sony has once again kept the great remake’s details under wraps, frustrating players who have been waiting impatiently for information. The Last of Us Remake is set to be released this year, according to Jeff Grub, a respected industry insider.

The Last of Us PS5 remake is almost finished and could be released later this year.

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There are many sources claiming to have heard this, according to writer and leaker Tom Henderson. VGC has also confirmed that the remake is “nearly finished,” based on information from its own sources.

The PS5 remake is expected to be released in the latter half of 2022, but there is no news on a specific date.

A director’s cut edition of The Last of Us Part 2 is also in the works, Henderson claims. This is the first time that Naughty Dog and Sony have acknowledged the existence of a director’s cut or re-release of that game.

The Last Of Us Remake Release Date

According to fresh statements and the latest information from a PlayStation employee, a new first-party Sony game could be released later this year. According to rumors, The Last of Us is being remade for the PS5.

The Last Of Us Remake
The Last Of Us Remake

Robert Morrison, a cinematic animator at PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, recently tweeted that the studio had “some bangers coming out this year” God of War Ragnarok is not Sony’s other major release, and it has been in development for three to five years.

Sony is reportedly working on a remake of The Last of Us, according to many rumors (via VGC) published early this year, but no official announcement has been made. Not Naughty Dog, but PlayStation Studios Visual Arts, is believed to be behind the upcoming The Last of Us PS5 remake.

Morrison’s statements seem to imply that the game exists and will be released in 2022. If the rumors are accurate, may we expect a remake of The Last of Us to be released on June 14th, the game’s ninth anniversary?

Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, God of War, and more will all be available on the PS5 in 2022. The first two have already been released, while God of War has a 2022 release window scheduled for it. For the foreseeable future, Sony hasn’t revealed many new games, other than those from third-party developers. Is The Last of Us reboot what it needs to fill the vacuum in its lineup?

The highly anticipated Faction mode is also said to be included in The Last of Us Remake. However, most players felt that the excellent narrative in the original game trumped any success the mode may have had. Regardless, gamers have been eagerly awaiting it, and it may be released alongside the upcoming remake.

One of the most critically praised video games of all time, The Last Of Us was launched in June 2013 and went on to sell over 17 million copies.

After that, in 2020, The Last of Us Part II was released, and it enjoyed a similar level of popularity, selling over four million copies in its first weekend.

HBO Max is adapting the video game into a television series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, respectively, as the protagonists. By Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, who worked on The Last of Us and Chornobyl, the series is headed by the Chernobyl creator.

It’s possible that PlayStation’s release plan or schedule will be altered soon enough to learn if a new Last of Us game is coming out this year. It is possible that we will learn more about The Last of Us: Part 2’s multiplayer spin-off at the same time, but Sony and Naughty Dog are in charge of the remake and are looking after it.

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