The Lawsuit Seeks $750 Million From Travis Scott, Drake, Including Live Nation Againastroworld Disaster

Astroworld concert 2021 that led to a lawsuit, demands an amount of $750 Million from Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, Apple appeared first on Outcome.

A lawsuit that has been filed on behalf of 125 people who went to attend Astroworld 2021, along with some of the family members of those 10 people who lost their lives due to crowd surge is demanding compensation of $750 million from Travis Scott, Drake, Apple and Live Nation. 

Tony Buzbee, Houston attorney has announced on Instagram promising that “every individual who attended that concert and who suffered injury will be fairly compensated.”

A one-time Democratic Party official, Buzbee, is a colorful character who ran for mayor of Houston in 2019 as an Independent, and 43 percent of the vote he lost in runoff. He was also an ally of Republican Governor Rick Perry., which is his website, has possession of “$10 billion recovered” for his clients.

Buzbee Representing the Victims Who Died and Also Those Who Are Injured

As confirmed by Buzbee, he is in support of and also the representative of Axel Acosta’s family, who succumbed to death and attendees as well who “suffered broken bones, or twisted knees, or orthopedic injuries. Many have a psychological injury.”

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As soon as Travis Scott approached the stage, the deadly crowd rush started.

Although sometimes, it has been accepted by the rapper and festival organizer that something doesn’t seem to be okay, like when an ambulance approached the crowd, he ended the set, and then Drake appeared as a surprise guest. Both of them are charged with the accusations of ignorance as per the lawsuit along with Live Nation.

It was also mentioned by Buzbee that he remained in touch with Live Nation’s attorney.

Lawsuit Seeks $750 million

In a statement, Buzbee said “Our team has toured the site and collected evidence. We have taken statements from more than fifty witnesses. We have collected hours of videotape from almost every angle.” He further said, “No amount of money will fix what occurred on the night of November 5.”

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Event Already Sparked Dozens of Lawsuits

Already numerous lawsuits have been filed about the terrible event. Scott has already promised to initiate a refund to all people in attendance, along with the promise to bear last rites expenses for the victims.

He went to Dave and Buster’s after the concert; however, he argues that he had no clue about the extent of injuries during that time. Coming to Drake, the day after he blew off $1 million at a strip club, he coped up with the distress. 9 years old Ezra Blount was the youngest victim of Astroworld 2021.

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