The Ledge: Release Date Status, US & UK, Cast & Crew, Plot, and More

If you are looking for some thrill, The Ledge is coming. The film, directed by Howard J. Ford, is due to hit theaters later this month. When the journey becomes a matter of life and death, dread takes over. The same applies to The Ledge.

A few days back, the trailer came out which is infused with the terrifying plot. The Ledge will introduce a story of two friends who go on a trip in search of excitement, but something terrifying awaits them.

Will they be able to make it to the end, or will the journey cost them their lives? All of these questions will be answered in the upcoming film. The movie will have a limited release, so without further ado, let’s find out when it will be released.

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The Ledge: Release Date

The movie is around the corner and the release date for it has already been announced. The Ledge will hit the screens on February 18. It will be a limited release and also coming on VOD/Digital. However, it will be out on 12, March 2022 for the UK. The movie comes with a run time of 1h 26 m. So if you want to enjoy the thrilling story, keep the dates saved.

The Ledge: Cast

The story will revolve around the lead characters only. So, the list is limited for the cast. We will meet

  • Brittany Ashworthas Kelly, the one who captures the murder 
  • Anais Parelloas Sophie
  • Ben Lambas Joshua
  • Nathan Welshas Reynolds
  • Louis Boyeras Nathan
  • David Waymanas Taylor
  • Krsto Nikcevic, a Boy in sports gear

The Ledge: Plot

The plot of the film is around destroying all the evidence of a murder, which includes a girl who has been a witness to the crime. Alerts for Spoilers!

The Ledge
The Ledge

It begins with two friends heading on an adventurous trek to climb rocks, which quickly turns into the most horrific decision of their lives. One of the two lost her life. It introduces Kelly, a witness to the murder, as well as the four men who want to destroy all evidence of the crime.

The Ledge is mainly concerned with how much one must hold to survive. The story starts with this, continuing the terrible practices of four guys. The girl, on the other hand, will do everything she can to stay alive. What is going to happen? What if she could defeat evil? The story will tell you everything you need to know about what will happen in the end.

The Ledge: Trailer

The trailer for the movie was released a month back. If you want to see a glimpse of the story, check the trailer here. Keep coming back for more updates on your favorite stories. 

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