The Matrix 4: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot & Trailer

After years of waiting, we have got something good to hear about the Matrix 4. Who knew that Warner Bros will surprisingly bring the Matrix 4 this year only? Although, the film got the confirmation of its comeback last year. But due to the current scenario, it was not expected to come back this year only. Probably, this is a gift to the enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of this science fiction for a long time. The Matrix 4 which is titled the Matrix Resurrections, is not very far from now. It is coming this December only. So yes, we should tie our belts to explore more in this action drama. Let us check all the updates on the Matrix 4 in detail. 

When the Matrix was first released on March 31, 1999, nobody had the idea that it would cover this long journey. It broke several records and achieved numerous accolades including Academy Awards, BAFTA Awards, Saturn Awards, and more. The film is acclaimed as one of the best science fiction films of all time. After the first part, the series served two more installments in the list which were released in 2003. So without a further delay, let us grab all the information and updates about this upcoming movie.

The Matrix 4: Release Date

Warner Bros has planned to bring the movie this year only despite several pushbacks. The date for the Matrix Resurrections is officially announced. The movie will air on December 22, so you can bookmark the dates to enjoy the premiere. All the rumors on the release date were put to an end after this. The production of this part was completed in November 2020. Earlier, the movie was scheduled to release in May 2021, which faced setbacks because of the adverse situation due to the pandemic. It was then scheduled for the next year in April but surprisingly the release date is now pulled forward. Now, the trailer has excited the fans over there. 

We must tell you that the enthusiasts have waited for almost 18 years to get the sequel of this action drama. The movie was released first time in the year 1999 which two sequels till 2003. There was a buzz for this movie as the makers were silent. Now, the fans are pretty excited as the movie is coming after this much wait. Right now, there seems no chance that the makers are in the mood to shift the release date like previously. So yes, we can rely on these dates, this time. 

The Matrix 4
The Matrix 4

When and where can you enjoy the movie? 

Warner Bros. has planned to bring the movie on the same timelines for the cinemas and the streaming services. Yes, you heard it right. We will get the chance to watch the movie on HBO Max. So, those who cannot go to cinemas can also enjoy the premiere. It will be available for a month after its release.

The Matrix 4: Cast

As we know, many characters were dead at the end of The Matrix Revolutions. So we may have some new faces. Along with that, some old faces are reprising their roles. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will play as Neo and Trinity respectively. We expect that the franchise’s old faces will come back. In an interview, Reeves shared that the only reason to come back for this movie is Lana Wachowski, who has beautifully framed the story with a strong vision.

Daniel Bernhard will play Agent Johnson Jad, Pinkett Smith as Niobe once again and Lambert Wilson as The Merovingian. According to the information, the most exciting addition is Candyman, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II for The Matrix Resurrections, and as per the hints, he will be playing a young Morpheus. This came into the news because he was seen to offer the red pill to Neo. But there are doubts about the original Morpheus. Will he return? Well, we are not sure until now.

Lambert Wilson could reprise as Merovingian. If not then we can meet Monica Bellucci as Persephone, the Merovingian’s wife. Laurence Fishburne in an interview told New York Magazine that Morpheus had not been asked to reprise his role. So for now, his entry in the movie is just a 50-50 chance. Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Ricci, Jonathan Groff, Stephen Graham, and Jessica Henwick are expected to be part of this movie, however, it needs to be officially confirmed. 

The Matrix 4 Plot

We have to wait for the official synopsis, as most of the details are kept hidden in order to boost the excitement of the fans. But as per the popularity, it will take surprising turns and The Matrix Resurrections will bring a complete package to enjoy.  For now, the exact content of the movie is kept under strict wraps. But the teaser trailer release gives some ideas for this coming story. So you can enjoy that trailer to get hints.

The Matrix 4 Trailer

Now, the movie is coming soon. We have got the trailers from the makers’ end. So, you can enjoy the thrilling story at first sight. It promises a compelling story coming soon. So, let’s just wait for the same. Stay Tuned for more. 

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