The Morning Show Season 3: Everything We Know So Far

The Morning Show Season 3: Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon’s The Morning Show, a newsroom drama airing on Apple TV, will return for a third season with some changes, including a new showrunner and some new cast members. Fans are eagerly waiting for The Morning Show Season 3.

In The Morning Show, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon play coworkers Alex Levy and Bradley Jackson, respectively, who are dealing with the fallout of sexual misconduct allegations made against Mitch (Steve Carell) at the morning news show where they both work.

“If #MeToo was the center of season 1 and season 2 has so many issues but really tackles the impending pandemic, I would love to see how the world realigns post-quarantine,” Witherspoon told The Hollywood Reporter about her thoughts on season 3. “Even though that seems optimistic to say at this point, with people still dealing with the complexity of COVID and really what it’s doing to different industries. But just, how the whole world has culturally shifted in so many ways; the way we communicate and work, the way we talk to each other—there’s definitely a lot to talk about and tackle.”

More details about The Morning Show season 3 have emerged as the premiere date draws near, including the guest appearances of Mad Men’s Jon Hamm, Nicole Beharie, and Tig Notaro, as well as the return of Juliana Margulies as Laura Peterson, an anchor at UBA News and Bradley Jackson’s love interest.

Apple TV announced the casting of Hamm in a press release, describing him as “Paul Marks,” a corporate titan with his sights set on UBA.

Read on to learn everything we know about The Morning Show season 3.

The Morning Show Season 3 Release Date

Although it has not been confirmed, The Morning Show will likely return in the fall of 2022.

the morning show season 3
the morning show season 3

The Morning Show Season 3 Plot

The Morning Show season 3 has not yet begun filming, but we do know what Jennifer Aniston thinks of Alex’s private life: “Alex needs to find love and passion,” Aniston told Variety. “This would allow her to open her heart to someone, something I don’t think she’s ever done before.”

In addition, she expressed interest in expanding her relationship with Alex beyond their professional interactions. As for her social life, she hopes she’ll do things like have a girls’ night out, go grocery shopping, and otherwise “come down from her ivory tower.” That’s a cause we can get behind.

While it’s clear that Aniston has thoughts on how her character should grow, the central idea of The Morning Show Season 3 is still a mystery.

“I can’t say much. It’s a great opportunity to be able to shine a light on areas that are very frustrating and a fear of where we’re going as a society,” she the mag. “We try to shed some sort of light on it, and comment on it a little bit. It’s a deep well at this point.”

The Morning Show Season 3 Cast

Although information about the hosts of The Morning Show is fairly limited, here are a few guesses:

  • Reese Witherspoon as Bradley Jackson
  • Jennifer Aniston as Alex Levy
  • Billy Crudup as UBA CEO Cory Ellison
  • Mark Duplass as The Morning Show producer Chip Black
  • Nestor Carbonell as The Morning Show weatherman Yanko Flores
  • Julianna Margulies as newswoman Laura Peterson
  • Karen Pittman as The Morning Show producer Mia Jordan

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