The parent school knows how to protect your children from depression The incident in Lucknow shook, why ‘parents’ become poor?

The murder of the wife and son of a railway manager in the main area of ​​Lucknow shocked everyone. Whoever heard was surprised, but this curiosity took a break of a few hours when the police arrested the minor daughter who was present in the house and revealed the case. According to police, the depressed, mentally ill daughter shook her mother and brother with bullets inside the house.

Now that girl is in jail. The father’s world is over, which means the family is completely destroyed. There were four members accumulated in the house. Khushal used to run in his courtyard, but now two members have left the world. One is in jail and the father is in shock for a long time. Even after wishing this grief, he will not be forgotten. They will try to get the daughter’s bail, but she will also have trouble accepting it easily. Daughter will also steal eyes from dad. After all, a big mistake has been made by him.

This incident is neither the first nor the last, but whoever heard it in civilized society was shocked. Why? how? Many questions arose in everyone’s minds. Within 2-3 days, this news disappeared from the newspapers.

The need is that after such an incident, not only should there be discussions from house to house, but there should also be an attempt to save children from depression. This will only happen when the parents accept that there is a problem. Since today we give all our children what they want, so why worry? And we are missing here. What we provide is money, resources and facilities. In fact, this is a weak link in upbringing. After all, do we need to understand what our children really need?

As a counselor when I see, understand and feel such incidents, I come to the same conclusion that we are becoming poor in spite of everything. We have money, small families, but no time for loved ones.

It is no longer the practice of shared families. In such a situation, it is the parents’ responsibility to keep an eye on the innocent, but only they are running for money. Most children receive support from Aya at the age of a few months. Collecting facilities, fulfilling stubbornness, picking up laptops or expensive phones have become fashionable today.

Parents are not able to feel the most important change among all this because they are poor from time to time. They have everything to give to the kids, but they do not have time or they will not retire. Because of this, they are unable to pay attention to the child’s changing behavior. As a result, things get out of hand. Many times, children only come close to parents when they need to. This applies at least to so-called large families.

When you think about your mind, when was the last time you saw any parents become horses in the house for your child? When did the children sitting on their father’s shoulders look at the open markets? When did you see the danger of the fur suit with a child soaked in dust and mud? When did you see your child talk in his daily routine in normal condition? If all this happens, neither a child will go into depression nor an incident like Lucknow will be repeated. If this does not happen, be aware that such incidents will increase. Our children will be more violent. Like America, young children will shoot in schools and neighborhoods, and then nothing will be left in our hands.

The only way to prevent such incidents is to wake up the parents. Give children regular time. Talk and keep an eye on their activities. This way, you will be able to easily understand the changes that are happening in your child’s behavior. Then the cause is easy to solve.

Those who have parents take them home with their children. Give them love and respect. This will have two benefits. The first is that the child will grow up as our parents respect their parents, so they will not make a deliberate mistake in your honor either. The second is that there is little chance of depression in children growing up with grandparents. Just give them freedom so they can take the child to the temple, the mosque, gurudwara and the church, etc. Grandparents have a different meaning in the children’s lives.

Children must be made compulsory to meet relatives and neighbors. While doing this, the child will also need to feel that it has an important place in our lives. The sooner you start all these activities, the better it is because if you delay, things can get out of your hands.

Even after doing all this, if there is any problem, then a counselor or psychiatrist is available. Visit them Such problems can be easily avoided.

Author: Dinesh Pathak is a senior journalist, consultant and life coach.

(The views expressed in this article are the author’s personal views.)

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