The Sopranos Cast and David Chase Have Said About the Heavily-debated Final Scene

The craze for the show is ultimate and if you think the fans have forgotten about The Sopranos’ last season, think again.

It has been 14 years since the stunning last episode left viewers wondering what happened to Tony Soprano as James Gandolfini, and within the various hypotheses that have been floated since then even by members of the cast, director David Chase has finally addressed what occurred.

In HBO’s “The Sopranos,” did Tony Soprano die in the last episode? We believe the answer will eventually be yes. Yes or no. What are the chances? Fans do not even know.

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It’s because, in a new interview with THR, the show’s creator David Chase, who has been painfully ambiguous about the show’s finale since it first aired in 2007, chose to keep being frustratingly vague about it. When it comes to the ending, Chase comes close to saying “yes, he died,” but then turns away, giving us the same headache we have had a long time back.

Ending Explained, The Sopranos

The series conclusion of “The Sopranos” remains one of the most contentious endings in television history. Tony Soprano as James Gandolfini and his family are enjoying supper in a restaurant, Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” is playing on the jukebox, and the scene alternates between Tony and a guy wearing a Members Only jacket.

Suddenly we hear a bell ring as the diner door opens, Tony glances up, and the screen goes black for ten agonizing seconds until the end sequence. The ending was very unusual, which created many doubts. Viewers were completely perplexed by this.

The Sopranos Cast

What in the world just happened, they were thinking that time Has he just gotten freaked? At the moment, it was even claimed that several spectators assumed their cable had cut out. Since then, arguments have raged concerning Tony’s fate and whether or not the show’s end was properly foretold.

About the story

The Sopranos is a David Chase-created American crime drama television series. The plot follows Tony Soprano played by James Gandolfini, an Italian-American mobster, as he tries to combine his family life with his career as the boss of a criminal organization.

The Sopranos was considered the finest-written TV series of all time and the best television series of all time by TV Guide. The Sopranos is largely recognized as one of the all-time best television shows.

The series received a slew of accolades and received appreciation from all over the world. The series was voted first in Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 best television shows ever made in 2016.

David’s Confirmation On The Ending

A year before, though, it appeared that he had managed to crack, somehow. During one of his interviews for the 2018 book “The Sopranos Sessions,” Chase stated, “Yeah, I had that death scene in mind years ago.” So when the book’s authors questioned if Chase comprehended what he said, he simply replied, “f— you.”

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However, that remark was leaked in 2020, following which Chase promptly maintained that he was not referring to the finale episode, but to another conclusion, he had devised and subsequently rejected.

But it looks like we have to think a lot about the ending as the conclusion would not be revealed. In the recent interview, David explained about the ending, which again perplexes the minds of viewers.

Chase was directly asked about the leaked statement during an appearance on THR’s Awards Chatter podcast on Monday. He was asked that whether the revelation he did was the slip of tongue or actual truth

Chase explained that ” I had in my head wasn’t the same as the one I had in my head. I also didn’t consider fading to black. I wrote a scene in which Tony drives home from a conference in New York. He traveled from New York to New Jersey at the start of each episode, and he could return from New Jersey to New York for a rendezvous where he would be killed at the end.

However, Chase stated THR that he had been once traveling near the airport and saw a small eatery and thought to himself, “‘Tony should have it in a location like that.'” This because? I’m not sure. Was around two years ago.”

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Therefore, Did he just clarify that Tony “got it” because of the “location like that” we saw in the series finale? It certainly sounds like it. Alternatively, you may wait. We are still confused, so is the audience. It looks like we have to wait for more to get that. 

We’ll be back soon. For more entertainment news and your favorite stories, stay tuned with us.

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