The Sound of Magic Season 2 Release Date Status officially Renewed by Netflix

The Sound of Magic is a unique K-drama musical about magic, so we give it a round of applause. Against a whimsy-infused backdrop, their new take on the stresses of adolescence is positively enchanting! (pun intended).

We can’t deny that it had its flaws, but Yoon Ah-Yi’s story is heartwarming in its portrayal of a young woman struggling to maintain her innocence despite the weight of adult duties (including the guardianship of her younger sister).

All well that ends well, as long as her father keeps his commitment to getting a job so he can contribute to the family’s finances. In spite of the weight of his parents’ expectations, Na Il-deung is able to find his own way by dropping out of school. Is there going to be a second season if everything is nicely wrapped up? So far, here’s what we know.

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The Sound of Magic Season 2 Release Date

The Sound of Magic has received a great reception from critics and fans alike, with many praising the fantasy drama on social media.

After seeing “The Sound of Magic,” one Twitter user commented, “I was left in tears of delight at the conclusion,” and added, “Oh my gosh, it’s beautiful.”

“The ending was so satisfactory and the mix of light and dark themes was done so well I cannot stress enough how good of a show this is.”

Some people are even asking for a Broadway run because they think it’s so good.

the sound of magic season 2
the sound of magic season 2

“It’s one of the best shows ever. I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d like to see this performed live. Maybe they’ll do a full-blown musical adaptation of it as well.”

Although the show has received extremely positive reviews, a second season is, unfortunately, unlikely to happen. As mentioned earlier a lot of the storylines came to a satisfying close, so it can be presumed that this was intended to be a limited series.

Squid Game, a Korean drama originally intended to run for only one season, has been renewed for a second, so there’s still hope for The Sound of Magic.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Cast

We expect Ji Chang-Wook to reprise his role as Ryu Min-hyuk, the elusive and mysterious magician, in the second season of the show.

A second season of the show could bring back the romance between Sung-Eun Choi’s character Yoon Ah-Yi and Hwang In-youp’s character Na Il-deung.

After graduation, Baek Ha-na (Ji Hye-won), the high school bully, is unlikely to return because they’ve all gone their separate ways.

That leaves Lisa Yamada’s character, Yoon Ah-Yi’s younger sister, as the most likely candidate to return for season two. As a result of her strong relationship with her sister, Ah-Yi has to deal with her on a regular basis.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Storyline

Everyone has been wondering what happened to Ryu Min-hyuk. He taught Ah-Yi magic so well that she was able to dodge the authorities by making him disappear. Even though the murder had been falsely attributed to him and we anticipated him to come in time for the curtain call, he did not.

This cliffhanger and Ah- Yi’s adventure with magic should be addressed in the second season. Is she going to push things to the next level, or will she stick to the basics?

If this is the case, television history reminds us that magic always comes with a price, or at the very least, a lot of stress and drama (just ask Buffy’s Willow). With her curiosity about the supernatural, we’ll have to watch what happens next.

In the previous season, we saw Na Il-deung, a great academic who had dropped out of school in order to observe how he’d change as he grew away from the expectations of his parents.

Season two will reveal if he will sink or swim, as well as whether or not he and Ah-Yi will begin a romantic relationship. Season one teased it, but it turned out that the duties and demands their parents put on them were causing both of them problems. What will happen now that the burdens have been lifted?

The absence of Ah- Yi’s mother in The Sound of Magic is both sad and tragic.

Ah-Yi yearns for the mother who abandoned her and her sister, sending her texts and letters that she hopes would one day be received. It’s possible she’ll come back. This relationship is bound to come to an end at some point.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Trailer

There is no trailer available for The sound of magic season 3 as of now.  In the meantime, if you haven’t watched the trailer for season 1, you can check it out below.

All the Episodes of The Sound of Magic season 1 are currently available on Netflix.

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