The Sprawling Fantasy of the Elden Ring I Don’t Want It to End Because It’s So Good

As teenagers, we always had fantasy novels in our minds which would be the story of dreams. Being too young and reading all the stories about bloodshed and sex which had ancient stories Dragons and swords has always excited the teenagers at a certain point in time.

The idea of having this game’s fantasies lived upon has always been the most wished thought of every teenager. And with time a lot of them had found out about these fantasy Adventures in various games such as The Legend of Zelda. And from this list of series, I would tell you my favorite game series which has given me all the thought of living that fantasy dream has been Elden ring. Well, if you are not aware of this game then here is everything you should know.

Elden ring is the newest game from software and has been developed by Sekiro and Bloodborne. This game is an effort of the combination of both an action RPG system and signature studio with a wide opening to the world. You can consider it as a Breath of the Wild or a dark soul.

This game is in itself a Bold game and it just delivers the Expectations all the fans have from it. It is a combination of hard combat and deep games with a very complicated system. Along with that a beautiful narrative of gameplay of both sad and beautiful storyline. So if you are not into games but you are willing to start with something then this is the one for you.

The main storyline of the ring is generic at the beginning. The entire plotline is set between lands and the Kingdom of Dark fantasy which would be compiled with magical rings and a goth queen. Unfortunately, this magical land must have been destroyed and would be surrounded by Monsters, ghosts, and all those feelings.

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The queen of this Kingdom would have vanished and all the dark energy must have taken over. The players in this game would have been playing the game as a tarnished undead creature fighting against all odds to make things right in this game.

This notion shares the basic outline of the game and all the players are required to travel around the lands to gain back the Elden ring. However, this story is not about following the basic storyline like any other game. A Golden Road would be provided to you which would lead you to many critical situations and you can ignore the steps if you wish to. Other than that there are a few other difficulties in the ways to go to the next level of the game and clear your way to reach the Elden Ring.

When a player would start playing the game everything might look a bit complicated just like it did for me. But the guiding lights provided in the game to guide you towards the castle will help you begin the game at ease and it will also help you lead to the very first Boss after fighting with some guards.

The boss would be a huge swordmaster and he would be having a Scorpion-like tail along with a lot of horns on his head. If you are smart enough from the beginning of the game then it might be easy for you to cross the level but if you face any difficulties then you might die just like I did in this game a lot of times.

Yes! It was a bit difficult at the beginning to put on various tactics and get the fellow’s health, however, you can try it out and I’m sure it might be easy for you to do so. Other than that to move to the next level I had to bash my head against the wall.

But after trying so many times I came to know that this can be done differently as well. This time what I did was I took my path and I didn’t follow the guiding light which took me to the boss. I followed my route and went into a different unknown territory after going through the journey.

When I returned 10 hours later I was more muscular and wiser. And with all that strength and tactics I successfully defeated the giant Boss and had gained his health. And the reason I got so strong was I chose my path through the game and had gone through a lot of different areas in the game which had made me even stronger. Along the way, a lot of castles were invaded and I made my way through underground tunnels and mines.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

After defeating a lot of other rivalries and Dragons I had gained a lot of strength in my character and it also helped me understand the game a lot better. So when I further went to the boss it was easier for me to defeat him and win the game in a better way. 

This new world from Fromsoftware is all about the fantasy dream you must have wished for. It has a lot to explore and fill up with actions that won’t even distract your attention for a second. This game seems to be a large one at first but 8 once you start playing the game you will enjoy the entire bigger continent and would love to spend time in that.

The longer you play this game the more you will be interested to stay in the game and cover the entire area. The land between is very much exciting and you can find a lot of things such as many boxes present all over the scenery. You will also get a chance to explore the entire area with a sunken metropolis and weird stars overhead in a completely blood-red sky. The entire scenery is breathtaking and you will enjoy your presence in that world.

Along with this scenery, Golden leaves would be falling in the middle of the night and you can just enjoy the serial key of the place. Elden ring is such a game where you can notice a lot of interesting things going on in the background along with the castle, beautiful sky and Golden trees, beautiful mountains, and a lot more. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the Elden Ring

At first, I didn’t find this game to be that intimidating. But with time once you adapt to the situations and the sceneries in the game you will get addicted to it. Once you start looking for a map and search for the places you will get to know how big an award this is which will provide you with a lot of time to adjust accordingly.

However, exploring the entire place is a lot simpler and you also get a horse-like feed in it which you can use at any point in time. This new feature will help you to travel faster and invent help you reach any conflicts in your way. The lands between also have beautiful sights all along the way and that is going to essentially double save your time and also help you travel a lot faster. So whenever you need you can zoom back and forth and see every area you haven’t seen.

I had explored the area as such and it had also helped me save a lot of time. I definitely would know that problems were somewhere nearby and at that particular time, I was able to adapt to new specifications.

This universe is filled with completely dreamy tales and Fromsoftware is a lot famous. You can play the game while exploring the entire gameplay and also choose the most essential roles in this gameplay. All the people who would be talking to you genuinely are the figures who would be giving a mission in exchange for a brief detail about their past.

If I talk about my favorite offers then It would be to embrace the character whenever you feel like it so that they can experience your kindness. I also came across one demon who was a lot agitated because it was stuck with a helmet. Other than that I also had passed on beautiful skeletal features which were further known as survivors of shipwreck survivors.

However, this game can be a bit intimidating at times. If I talk about my favorite part of this game I was helping the spirit to summon a jellyfish and after that, I had a pouch of ovaries to go through the land of octopus. Also, you might come across a task where you would be required to clean all the skulls of these weird creatures’ feet but the most fantastic thing about this game is that it has the absolute best quality we expect from Fromsoftware games.

The bosses in the game are somewhat fearsome and very significant and the war all along can be a bit stressful but while playing this game every day I am exploring and finding out new things about crafting magic and a lot of in-game words. Even though the freedom is amazing and you can make your way to the castles, Dungeons, and everything around that place you might be in constant fear as well and might feel claustrophobic for a while.

I have played this game a lot of times and have mastered a lot of things but it always looks like that something or the other can be explored more in this game and the more you play it the more you are going to explore it.

And once you play the game you would be very much sure that this is the studio’s most easy and accessible game but it is also a bit tricky. It might look easy but it gets tough once you start playing and gradually you will get a lot more options for playing the game correctly.

Not only this game needs your complete attention but also it would need your complete dedication to complete certain levels. Even after playing for 40 hours and exploring this game, I am not sure if I am still at the end and it feels like I have just started with the game. Elden ring is not a game that you can sit in one place and play for just until you are completed.

You have to play it every day to explore every bit of it and it will slowly become a part of your life just like it had become for me. And honestly, even though I’m old enough to just read the books and not play the game I am completely into this game. 

So do not forget to share your views in the comments below if you have played the game and if you haven’t yet then just start right now. Until any further update, state unit with us for all such amazing updates about your favorite games and shows.

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