The Weekend Away Release Date Status, Character, Trailer, And More Updates!

The Weekend Away is arriving on Netflix pretty shortly, and you should certainly add it to your watchlist!

The forthcoming Netflix film is a physiological thriller based on Sarah Alderson’s best-selling novel of the same name. Kim Farrant directed the film, which was written by Alderson. As a portion of their Netflix agreement, Ben Pugh, Charlie Morrison, and Erica Steinberg produced the film.

The Weekend Away’s thrilling plot and incredible cast will immediately capture your interest. If you’re as overjoyed to see this thriller movie as we are, you’re most certainly wondering exactly when it will be released. Not to worry! We’ve included the official launch date, cast, plot summary, and much more information below!

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The Weekend Away cast

Guess who’s playing the lead character? Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl’s Queen B! We’re thrilled that this will be Meester’s first big movie position in the last three years, and that it’s a thriller. She’ll be playing the part of Beth.

Christina Wolfe, Luke Norris, Amar Bukvic, and Ziad Bakri co-star with Meester, according to IMDb. Wolfe will play Kate, and Bukvic will play Pavic. It is unknown who Bakri will portray.

The Weekend Away Plot

Orla, a new mother, has opted to leave her baby daughter with her husband Rob as she travels from London to Lisbon for a weekend break with her close friend and ex-roommate, Kate.

During their night out Kate then indicates they go to a nearby bar. They encounter two attractive young guys at the bar and drink a lot. Kate invites the men back to their apartment, where Orla collapses.

Orla wakes up the next morning and is unable to discover Kate. She calls her husband to inform him. The landlord of the rental property informs Orla that he overheard a huge fight the night before. Orla contacts the police, who inform her that she cannot make a report until Kate has been missing for 24 hours.


She has no recollection of the bar they visited, but she texts Konstantin, the Uber driver. He promises to drive her there, and they discover that the two men were hired escorts, most likely by Kate.

The escorts admit to stealing Kate’s handbag and selling her phone, but they deny murdering her. Orla retrieves the phone from a thrift store but failed to unlock it.

Rob lands in Lisbon. They talk about their strange landlord, who has a music studio in his residence. The police call Orla and inform her that they have discovered a body and would like her to arrive at the station. Kate has a serious brain injury and appears to have drowned after falling into the river. When Orla notices the body, she opens the phone with Kate’s finger.

Orla discovers, after reviewing Kate’s texts and voice messages, that her husband Rob has been sleeping with Kate for years. During the travel, he had kept begging Kate not to inform Orla about the scandal.

The police are doubtful of Orla and seize her passport after speaking with the landlord about the conflict he overheard the night Kate died. She decides to conduct additional research on her own. Kate’s ex-husband has a justification, but she gets to know that the night Kate died, her husband Rob left their child with a caretaker and flew to Lisbon. Rob confesses to the scandal but dismisses any involvement in Kate’s death.

The police inform Orla that Konstantin is a member of the Albanian mafia. They are also aware of Kate and Rob’s relationship. Orla is perplexed by this and explores that her landlord has been snooping on all of his tenants. His “recording studio” is crammed with screens.

She challenges him and threatens to call the cops, and he demonstrates to her the footage from the night Kate died, which reveals her escaping the apartment after the escorts steal her pouch.

Orla and Konstantin track down the taxi driver, who claims to have taken Kate to the police office to report the thievery. Orla has been arrested in connection with Kate’s murder. She informs the cops about the landlord’s espionage and the result reveals that Kate was at the police station soon before her death.

Orla questions one of the cops about why he is concealing the reality that Kate was at the police station shortly before she ended up dead. According to the officer, all he did was offer to drive Kate home from the station and hit on her. He assaults Orla after she starts accusing him of murdering Kate.

Kate is allowed to return home to London after the officer is detained. Orla and Rob are no longer together. Orla goes to Rob’s house to give him their child for his planned visitation. Konstantin sends her a clip after she bids farewell. He recently discovered security footage of Kate’s murder. Orla realizes who murdered Kate after watching the video.

The Weekend Away Trailer

Till now there is no official trailer of The Weekend Away available.

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