The Witcher Not Yet Renewed For Season 3 Says Showrunner

The Witcher has rapidly grown to become one of Netflix’s most popular shows. Therefore, it comes as a shock to many when it was recently revealed by the showrunner that The Witcher was not yet renewed for Season 3. Read about all the updates we have so far regarding season 3 of the show. 

The success of Witcher Season one

It is no doubt that the first season of The Witcher was a smashing success. Its popularity enabled it to reign as Netflix’s Most watched series. Fans of the series and franchise were thrilled to see their characters come alive in the series. With high expectations of the fandom, the first season surely did not disappoint and delivered on the essence of what made the Witcher franchise great. The tale that follows the adventures of the franchise’s iconic bounty hunter “Witcher” was originally a little-known novel series before it flourished as a popular video game series. With the series almost being a gold mine, it is surprising that the series hasn’t been renewed for a season 3. 

Witcher season 3 is not yet renewed

The Showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich recently appeared in an interview and revealed that the rumors were not to be believed. On Thursday, she confirmed that Witcher was yet to be officially renewed for a third season. She said that the show was being put on hold for a green light and is yet to receive a “formal renewal” from Netflix. 

Showrunner loves the story of Witcher

The showrunner Lauren stated in her interview that the original 5 season plan for Witcher almost made her sad. She revealed that she was earnestly looking forward to work on the show, as she believed the show had enough storyline strength and potential to go on for even 20 seasons. She almost began to fan-girl at a point when she stated that she loved the Witcher series and that her heart belonged with the Witcher. Lauren also stated that she will stick with the show and work on it as long as fans were willing to spur the show on and watch it. 

The Witcher
The Witcher

Witcher Season 2 – The Litmus test

Lauren revealed that her current focus was not the renewal for a third season but on Witcher Season 2. She also said that the show’s second season would be going on air on December 17th, and hence she would have to devote her attention primarily to Season 2 of The Witcher. She also expanded on this by saying they had to focus on Season 2 and ensure it was perfect if they were to have any hopes of Season 3. Based on Lauren’s statements in her interview, it seems as if Witcher Season 2 will be the litmus test that will determine whether a season 3 will come to life or not. 

Plans for Witcher

The Witcher has been a popular franchise amongst fans around the globe. Thus, it isn’t surprising that following the success of the video game series and Season 1 on Netflix, the franchise already has many plans in store despite not being renewed for season 3. An animated version of a prequel story to season one is set to come out this month, and a more formal “live-action” prequel series is also in the production phase. 

Whatever the exact future of Witcher maybe, we can be sure that this won’t be anywhere close to a curtain call for the franchise as the animated prequel “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” is set to launch on August 23, while the live-action prequel “The Witcher: Blood Origin” series is already in the works.   

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