In Episode 16 of Season 6 of This Is Us, Kate Makes a Decision About Rebecca’s Future.

There are only three episodes remaining of the Big Three’s adventure on This is Us. The season has been filled with happy endings, but there is one that has been teased for a long time: Rebecca’s passing.

The title “Family Meeting” suggests that Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown) are having a significant debate about how to handle Rebecca’s care in the wake of Miguel’s death in Episode 16.

The brothers’ desire to thank their mother for all she has done for them is at the heart of the discussion. A weary Rebecca (Mandy Moore) is shown taking care of her children in a montage of them screaming in the night/early morning, Kate having nightmares, and Randall needing a permission form sign at the beginning of the episode.

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It includes four storylines: Rebecca fighting to get Kate to sleep one night, little Kevin losing a tooth, the Big Three going to a party in high school, and a week following Miguel’s death when Rebecca’s health is rapidly deteriorating.


Incidents Involving Baby Kate and The Tooth Fairy

Kate, Jack’s infant daughter, will not go to sleep one night while he is abroad on business. Kate’s cries wake up a fatigued Rebecca, who had fallen asleep while her mother was sleeping. In a state of panic, Rebecca frantically dials the doctor’s number.

Despite the fact that everyone has assured her that Kate is alright, Rebecca cannot sleep without keeping a close check on her. A little later that day when she sees Kate smiling, Rebecca begins to feel that everything is going to be alright. Mommy was in need of a grin, and Kate knew how to give it.

this is us where is kate in the future
this is us where is kate in the future

After he loses his seventh teeth, Kevin rouses his parents with a delighted scream. There’s an awkward moment when Kate points out that she hasn’t yet lost any teeth to Jack’s amusement. Jack exultantly declares that this means she’ll remain a childlike beauty for all of eternity.

Randall reveals that he’s afraid of the tooth fairy, but Kevin plans to catch it. Rebecca then reveals to Randall the truth about the tooth fairy in exchange for his vow to keep it a secret from his brothers.

When Kate complains that her brothers are constantly ahead of her, Rebecca provides her a shoulder to cry on and a hug.

Incident at a High School Party

Rebecca receives a late-night call from another parent about the Big Three being busted at a raucous party a month after Jack’s death. Randall and Kate had a quarrel, thus Kate is drunk. When Kevin got Kate drunk, according to Randall, he intervened in the fight to defend her from a man who had inappropriate intentions for her. After Randall knocks down the kid, Rebecca hails him as a hero.

The conversation between Rebecca and Kate has an almost sexy tone to it as if she hopes Kate realizes how much she has to offer.  She believes her parents are mistaken in their assessment of her. Once more, she’s voicing her dissatisfaction with her position in relation to her brothers.


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Responses from the In-Laws

Before they can talk about what will happen in the future with Rebecca’s life, the in-laws, including Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson), retreat to the cabin. It’s hard not to love Beth because she’s always a breath of fresh air and the team’s most valuable player.

When Beth and Sophie (Alexandra Breckenridge) get together at the cabin, they reminisce about their Pearson days. When Phillip (Chris Geere) tries to intervene on behalf of the siblings, Beth believes that no one can save them.

The Family Meeting and Kate’s Decision

Rebecca still can’t believe that Miguel is gone, though seven days have already passed. She is terrified of the nurse who answers her desperate screams for him when she awakens in the middle of the night. When it comes to Rebecca’s future, the Big Three determine that a formal family meeting is in order.

It is Randall’s desire to relocate her to Philadelphia.  In addition to not wanting to see Rebecca leave the one good thing he ever did for her, Kevin believes Randall and Beth are too busy to spend time with her.

A walk with Rebecca interrupts Kate’s conversation. As the women leave, Kevin and Randall ponder on how they don’t see the mom they knew, the woman who was magic and always knew what they each needed.

Toby calls Kate after the walk to give her some encouragement.  Her husband reminded her that she’s a wife and mother with a Master’s degree in teaching and a job developing an art curriculum for California. He points out, though, that while she’s with her brothers she seems to become a lesser version of herself.

Elsewhere, Randall tells Beth he needs to be in charge of Rebecca’s care, because Kate is overloaded, and Kevin is too irresponsible (the egotism is widespread).

Kate soon rallies her brothers and addresses the issue that they no longer look at or touch their mother as a way of mourning her declining health. She orders Randall to brush Rebecca’s hair, and Kevin to apply lotion on her hands, so she may relax.

Following a Thanksgiving dinner attended by everyone— including the in-laws Nicky and Edie, Madison and Elijah — Kate announces that she and Phillip will bring Rebecca to Los Angeles to live with them or in a facility because Rebecca is unable to stay at home alone and Randall is unable to defy Rebecca’s Thanksgiving wishes and shrink his life for her.

Kevin, on the other hand, suggests a third option. Kevin and Sophie are moving in with Rebecca because their time on The Manny is coming to an end, and their new adventure, Big Three Homes, is set on the East Coast. They finally come to an agreement on this plan, and Kate focuses on the significance of their siblings being a trio.

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