Tiffany Chen Pregnant: Is Robert De Niro’s Baby’s Mom Tiffany Chen?

The announcement that legendary actor Robert De Niro had his seventh child at 79 shocked the globe. The star of Goodfellas, as was previously said, shared the news while promoting his most recent film, “About My Father.”

On May 9, when discussing parenting with a reporter, De Niro disproved the rumor that he fathered six children with his exes. In a casual tone, the actor said, “Seven actually, I recently had a baby.” 

It is speculated that De Niro’s longtime girlfriend, Tiffany Chen is the unnamed mother of the actor’s seventh child, although this has not been verified. De Niro and Chen were intimately together for a long time following his divorce from Grace Hightower, his second wife.

Tiffany Chen Pregnant

His eldest and youngest children are separated by a gap of 51 years. The actor also shared insights into his parenting style, explaining how he uses his “love language” to be both a nurturing and firm parent.

The actor stated in an interview:

“With kids, there really is no getting around it. I dislike having to enforce the law and other such things. But occasionally, you’re left with no choice and I believe that any parent would agree. Even while you always want to act in the best interests of the kids and give them the benefit of the doubt, you sometimes can’t.”

Tiffany Chen’s paternity to Robert De Niro’s newborn child has recently been questioned. We will let you know as soon as we hear anything definitive.

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