Toni Braxton’s Lupus Caused Near-De@th Heart Att@ck

Toni Braxton, a singer, and actress who is 55 years old, recently came on the program to discuss a health scare she had experienced. The singer, who has been quite open about her systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), says she almost suffered a heart attack due to the disease.

Braxton required a coronary stent, a device put in coronary arteries, to avoid a heart att@ck. This happened in the background when her sister Traci d!ed of cancer a year ago.

During their performance, the actor said, “It (was) put in at a really, really scary moment.” She emphasized the point by saying the whole experience was “surreal.”

Braxton found out she required a stent after going to the doctor. She had been having chest pains and had made plans to depart. The former TV actress nearly skipped her meeting because she didn’t believe it was necessary and blamed her distress on losing her sister.

Braxton said on the broadcast, “I thought that was sadness.” Ignoring the warnings was foolish, as I now see, since “I should have recognized it was more serious… and it’s a common practice among plenty of folks. After examining the celebrity, the doctor recommended stent installation “immediately.”

For more on Toni Braxton’s recent heart surgery, see the tweet below-

“They told me that it was touch and go,” she added to Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager “a couple of days after they did the procedure.” The singer added that if she hadn’t gone to the hospital, she would have had a “widowmaker heart att@ck,” which happens when the major coronary artery becomes blocked.

She said that a severe heart att@ck would have k!lled her instantly.

Overcoming physical challenges is central to Braxton’s life. She revealed her lupus diagnosis in 2010 despite having been diagnosed in 2008. She has now been a spokesman for Aurinia Pharmaceuticals’ Get Uncomfortable campaign, which aims to increase the number of individuals with lupus who undergo routine testing for kidney damage.

Braxton said on the TODAY program that she first concealed her diagnosis of lupus out of shame. She says she would have been too embarrassed to bring up her issue without the encouragement of her friends and family.

Toni Braxton Heart Surgery

“It’s so empowering,” she says when other people with lupus learn that she has been able to assist them. As a result of her lupus, Braxton is finding it difficult to maintain her previous level of activity. While she’d be willing to perform occasionally, she won’t commit to a regular schedule.

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The Grammy-winning performer said, “It’s difficult for me because I know I’ll never be able to do a show for seven days in a row again.” Despite this, she is looking forward to this new chapter, declaring that she is “proud of herself” since she has shown herself “tough self-love” from the start of her career.

She also stressed the need to seek medical attention for chronic health problems. In her insistence, you must “do those screenings” right now. They stressed how important it was.

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