Top Advancements in the Renewable Energy Sector

The renewable energy sector has experienced growth recently, thanks to the innovative ways companies are producing clean energy. Now, companies are tilting towards clean energy from natural sources like solar energy, wind energy, and biomass energy.

The major push for companies investing in renewable energy is the concern over climate change. Another reason why companies are investing in renewable energy is because of the health implication of fossil fuels on the global population. There is no better time to embrace green energy than now, as it is at the forefront of technology development.

This article will explore the top renewable energy innovations like marine solar, nuclear energy, Hydrogen, and flexible generators. Read on to find out more.

Marine Solar

The marine solar panels work the same way solar panels at home do. They convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy, which can be used to power your boat. Marine solar panels can be used to augment engine-based charging for cruising boats, to maintain charging for docked boats, and sole-source charging for boats without auxiliary engines.

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Now, researchers are testing and studying new ways to improve the quality of marine solar panels in boats. They are designing high-wattage marine solar panels with low prices and polycrystalline cell types. Some of them are the Photonic Universe, HQST, and Renogy.

There are several benefits of using a marine solar panel for boats. One of them is that the energy they produce is free; sunlight energy is free. Secondly, marine solar panels are environmentally friendly and don’t contribute to global warming.

Nuclear Energy

Today, nuclear energy is one of the popular energy sources providing reliable and efficient electricity around the world. However, there is ongoing research to make it more efficient, safe, and reliable at companies worldwide.

Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

How nuclear energy work is simple — A nuclear reactor produces electricity, and the chain reaction produces the energy that changes water to steam. Then, the steam pressure turns to a generator, producing electricity. The difference between nuclear energy and energy from fossil fuels is nuclear energy is generated from water while fossil energy fuels are generated from coal, natural gas, or oil.

One of the benefits of nuclear energy is that it provides 24/7 carbon-free electricity and protects the environment from pollution. Another benefit of nuclear energy is that it is used to power electric vehicles.

Molten Salt Reactors

Molten Salt Reactors are nuclear reactors that use fluid fuels like magnesium chloride or lithium fluoride to remove the heat embedded in the reactor. They can be used as both the coolant (transporting heat to the power plant) and the fuel (producing the heat).

There are several types of Molten Salt Reactors, and one of them is the Molten Salt Breeder Reactor (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor).

The way Molten Salt Reactors works is that Uranium and Thorium are dissolved in fluoride salt to get planet-scale energy out of natural resources of Thorium and Uranium minerals.

Although Molten Salt Reactors can be an alternative for nuclear energy, they pose the problem of radioactivity to society. The waste they produce is in chemical form, and it can pose a lot of damage to the surrounding environment.

Besides the renewable energy sector, another sector that has experienced a major facelift is the iGaming industry. With gaming servers putting a huge demand on the environment in various countries, such as when people are playing live casino UK, being aware of the amount of energy used is of key importance.


Hydrogen is the most abundant and simplest element on earth, consisting of one electron and one proton. It is one of the most promising renewable energy sources. However, Hydrogen does not exist solely; it is produced from compounds that contain it. Some of its sources are natural gas and other fossils, solar, biomass, and wind.

Now, some counties are ready to implement Hydrogen as a renewable energy source as soon as there is a reliable way of capturing it. Researchers worldwide are working on several trials and tests to ensure that it can be one of the top renewable energy sources in years to come.

Interestingly, Hydrogen can be used in a broad range of applications in different sectors like industrial, transportation, and commercial. One of the applications of Hydrogen is the design of distributed and combined heat and power.

Flexible Generators

Researchers have researched how to design devices that harvest energy from movement. These devices can be used to develop wearables that don’t need batteries. Flexible generators can transform heat energy into electrical energy without any moving parts.

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Before now, most wearable technologies were used for smart clothing and fitness devices that could be worn to monitor people’s activity. A Rice University team has designed a new device that uses the triboelectric effect. It causes static electricity between two colliding surfaces without any moving part.

There are many opportunities for implementing flexible generators in wearables. One of them is in the design of a Metal-Free Nanogenerator, created from laser-induced graphene.

Triboelectric Electricity Generation

Research from the School of Materials Science and Engineering (Georgia Institute of Technology) sees researchers harvest small amounts of energy and transform them into usable products. The triboelectric electricity is generated as a result of static electricity, which causes the triboelectric effect.

The effect is felt when two materials are in contact. Consequently, the friction between them generates static electricity. The approach is categorized into two modes. The first is when two materials are put side by side, and the second is when they are rubbed against each other.


Overall, we have explained some top advancements in the renewable energy sector. The first advancement is the marine solar panels that convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy, which can power your boat. The second is nuclear energy which produces electricity, and the chain reaction produces the energy that changes water to steam.

Another renewable energy source we explored is Hydrogen which can be used in a broad range of applications in different sectors like industrial, transportation, and commercial. Also, we explored triboelectric electricity generation, which harvests a small amount of energy from materials that generate static electricity through their collision.

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