Is Torchwood Season 5 Release Date Status Coming To BBC America?

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here discussing the most awaited series of fans which has unfortunately not been renewed yet.  Yes! We are talking about the 5th season of Torchwood. This series was never renewed even after knowing that the spin-off of Doctor Who, was never canceled.  The Torchwood spinoff series was released in 2006 by Russell T. Davies and its final Season was released in 2011. The show had Captain Jack Harkness played by John Barrowman along with his colleague Gwen played by Eve Myles.  Both the characters are seen leading an organization that was dedicated to protecting Earth from any kind of alien attacks.

As we all know Doctor Who was the most beloved character in the United States. It was also seen that David had looked for finances from uUS for the further seasons of Torchwood. In turn, a total of four-season were made in partnership with the premium cable network Starz and BBC. All the episodes were shot in America in collaboration with Starz. Starz was completely interested in making the fifth season and also mentioned that they were not in a hurry to get the fifth season done. The CEO of Starz Chris Albrecht said that Torchwood was such a season series that they thought about bringing it back yearly. However, the makers of the show have a lot on their plate, and if he had kept Torchwood at the top of his list then all the other projects were going to be affected.

Albrecht was sad to say referring to the husband of Russell T. Davies, Andrew Smith, being recently diagnosed with brain cancer. Davies had kept most of his projects on hold, and the two returned to the United Kingdom from Los Angeles. In an interview with BBC, in 2012  Davies agreed that this had put Torchwood in a pretty odd state. He also said that if the situation hadn’t brought him back to this country, he would have continued further. He further added that at this moment, he is not working on it and he is not even sure if he will be. He also said that it might be old news for the BBC if he returns to work someday.   Until Smith passed away in 2018, Davies mainly concentrated on taking care of his husband at their Manchester home.

Torchwood Season 5
Torchwood Season 5

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Why The 5th Season of Torchwood Hasn’t Happened Yet?

After returning to work, Davies has worked on renowned TV shows which were mostly UK-based such as Years and Years and A Very English Scandal, but Starz would’ve supposedly wished for the 5th season of Torchwood to be at least partially released in the United States.

However, John Barrowman has suggested that there were some other issues. He’s been completely updating everyone for the 5th season of Torchwood, and he also expressed his dissatisfaction in an interview with Radio Times in 2016. He also frustratingly said that he was told there are a few hurdles to overcome, and every time he tried to have a conversation about the show it seemed as if new hurdles came the way. He also added that a lot of politics is involved and all the people who are close to the show would like to see the show being done, however, there are a lot of egos of people involved in it.  Lastly, he added that this is the last thing he has to say on this matter. Later on,  Barrowman made the most famous character Doctor Who makes a comeback as Jack Harkness in season 12, and he’s earlier held out hope that new show creator Chris Chibnall could help revive Torchwood, but it’s still looking far from certain.

Torchwood did make a comeback in 2017, however in a completely different setup. Davies even shared Torchwood: Aliens Among Us, a 12-part audio drama for Big Finish Productions. This also showed a further issue with giving the series new life, even though Barrowman was eager to return, Myles was in high demand in the United Kingdom, and she just can not record an audio drama, despite only appearing shortly in the series. The 5th Season of Torchwood would necessitate her schedule being cleared and aligned with that of  Davies and Barrowman, as well as ensuring it was properly funded, which together means the show is probably over already  – even if it isn’t canceled officially.

So do share your views in the comments below about this show and till then Stay tuned with us for all such interesting updates about your favorite shows and characters.

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