Trickster Season 2 Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Synopsis, And More

The Trickster Season 1 last episode was displayed, and presently your eyes are on the future of the best series. Will Trickster Season 2 occur? Let begin with that conclusion! Jared placed his life on the line to stop Wade from becoming more important than ever.

The finish worked as a series end, but there were further queries for the series future. And we understand there are more books in the series to begin. Will The CW debut the extra episodes?

Well, it’s not relevant to The CW for the show to be canceled or resumed. The CW can only want to license the series based on CBC’s choice. And the Canadian broadcaster has made a decision.

Trickster Season 2 Premiere Date

There is some sad news for all enthusiasts of the show. Trickster was initially being resumed, but CBC modified the choice previously this year. It’s got nothing to do with Corona Virus.

The series was on route for pre-creation to take season 2 in autumn 2021. Hence, the debate around the show has arguably pointed to its cancellation. CBC hasn’t approved it, but it’s simple to see why it’s occurred.

Co-founder Michelle Latimer was caught probably lying regarding her heritage. The lie may not have been voluntary, but it has damaged a lot of people.

While she walked off from the show to proceed, it seems like the debate can’t leave it. Unhappily, the show has been canceled, and it doesn’t seem like anyone is in discussions to keep it. If some miracle happens, only then we will get Trickster season 2. 

Trickster Season 2 Cast

  • Joel Oulette will play the role of Jared
  • Kalani Queypo will act as Wade
  • Mark Camacho will play the role of Tony
  • Gail Maurice being Georgina
  • Anna Lambe will play the role of Sarah
  • Jamie Spilchuk will act as Mr. Good
  • Georgina Lightning being Sophia
  • Crystle Lightning being Maggie
  • Craig Lauzon will act as Phil Nelson
  • Nathan Alexis being Crashpad
  • Joel Thomas Hynes being Richie
  • William C. Cole being Mr. Jacks

Trickster Season 2 Trailer


There is no trailer revealed for season 2 yet. If we get official news regarding this, we will update this section.

Trickster Season 2 Synopsis

Season 1 story starts with the cold clear pictures of Jared being kidnapped as a child by a disgusting man called Wade. His mom, Maggie, follows Wade through a dark forest and, in the act of torture, lets out a frightening scream that makes Wade’s body split down as she gets Jared and leaves.

We shift ahead to the future where Jared is now a teen, and Maggie is a mature lady who acts more like a teenager than her son.

Jared’s parents separated the year earlier, and he lives with his mom while working at the city’s social fast-food shared Tasty Bucket and selling happiness that he gets himself on the side for some fast cash. 

Most evenings, Maggie spends partying, sipping, and taking drugs with her buddies at home, leaving Jared to defend himself and put their house flooded.

As if that’s not sad enough, Jared also has to take responsibility for his dad, who doesn’t act and is living off of weakness, with his pregnant lover Destiny. 

His father isn’t all that distinct from Maggie, as he’s additionally a constant partier fighting with a painkiller habit. Jared’s single person on his team is his buddy Crashpad, a hardcore gamer loner-type who uses most of his day’s gaming individually at the house.

It’s not all wrong, though. Also, for Maggie’s guilt, she does genuinely worry about her son. She further obviously has something else working on, possibly hidden or otherwise — it’s not still clear which. During the first episode, she is often regarded as speaking to unseen people.

The primary battle of the first episode spins around Maggie becoming in trouble with her drug dealer Richie. She’s previously in the opening of $2,000 with Richie, but when she goes over his dog, he gets on another $1,000. 

Jared is stressed regarding where they’re going to arrange the money to spend Richie off, but Maggie doesn’t look phased in the least. She confirms to Jared she will examine it. 

But matters only become more dangerous for Jared from there. First, he faces Wade, who is very much yet alive. Wade seems to be some shapeshifter as he gently infiltrates Jared’s life. The teenager is none the smarter, although he does begin to see the vibe that something unfamiliar is occurring.

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Final Words

It is all about Trickster season 2. The series will not be going to resume for the second season. It will happen only when some miracle happens. We will update this post when we receive some official news! It’s tike to end the post. Stay tuned with us for the trendy and latest content!

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