Trump-appointed Supreme court’s judge rejects bid to put a hold on Obama’s library construction

A request to prevent the creation of the Barack Obama Presidential Center in Chicago’s historic Jackson Park was denied by Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Friday. Protect Our Parks, an advocacy group that has persistently fought the library’s development on the location, has urged the Supreme Court to stop development effectively. Critics of the library submitted an emergency motion against Barrett, who is in charge of such things for most of the Midwest in Illinois. Trump-appointed Supreme court’s judge rejects the bid to put a hold on Obama’s library construction. Barrett, who was appointed to the Supreme Court by former President Donald Trump in 2020, declined to comment on the motion.

Protect Our Parks has been fighting to keep the park from being built in Jackson Park, the second largest park on the South Side and host to over 250 species since 2018. Protect Our Parks is represented by Richard Epstein, a constitutional law professor at the University of Chicago who represents the group. It is a world-class park brought through the efforts by Frederick Law Olmsted, and now somebody wants to alter it when they can also put it in an alternatively serviceable option (place somewhere else),” the representative stated. 

In a subsequent suit brought in April, the – anti claimed that the OPC’s development would “indefinitely harm Jackson Park’s highways, flora, and total quality” and that the site’s four federal regulatory assessments did not adequately examine alternate sites.

The project opponents say that state and municipal governments overstepped their legal jurisdiction by dividing Jackson Park into smaller portions to avoid the necessity for thorough environmental impact analysis.

“We will continue to challenge the construction.’ 

The petitioners’ co-counsel, Michael Rachlis, said in a statement that they would continue to challenge the creation in lower courts. After the Trump-appointed Supreme court’s judge rejects a bid to put a hold on Obama’s library construction. “The Supreme Court judge’s verdict today is a miserable event, but not an unexpected one. We continue to believe that maintaining the status quo is critical to avoiding irreversible damage in Jackson Park. Nonetheless, our core arguments aim to conserve Jackson Park’s long-term environmental and historical values, and we anticipate presenting our evidence and arguments in the appellate and district courts in the coming weeks,” Mr. Rachlis said. 

‘We support the court’s decision.’ 

The Obama Foundation’s spokeswoman hailed the court’s judgment by saying, “We certainly appreciate the courts’ ongoing support of our proposal and procedure, including now from the highest court in the land.”

Obama's library construction

Significant Basic Info for the reality check 

In 2018, Jackson Park on Chicago’s South Side was selected as the location for the Obama Presidential Center, which will include a public library, museum, and playground at a budget of $500 million. On Chicago’s South Side, Jackson Park is one of the city’s greatest iconic grounds, having been built for the city’s 27 million World’s Fair visitors in 1893. The park is on the National Register of Historic Places and was built by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, who also planned Central Park in New York. Since 2018, Protect Our Parks has fought to shift the development two miles to Washington Park, claiming that it will have a minimal influence. In 2020, the organisation initiated civil litigation in Chicago to stop the proposal, but Barrett, w U.S. sitting judge dismissed it.


Though the OPC will not store the holdings of a conventional presidential library, it is notable for its reference to the Obamas’ heritage. Michelle was raised in the nearby South Shore community, where Barack began his political career. However, the project, which is set to begin construction this fall, has not been without criticism. Two groups have scrutinized the Obama Foundation, which will bankroll the OPC and the city of Chicago during the last six years. Park environmental activists are outraged that a privatized building is being developed on public land. At the same time, community organizers are concerned that housing costs and property speculation may drive out low-income Black neighbors. The recent development in the case is that a Trump-appointed Supreme court’s judge rejects a bid to put a hold on Obama’s library construction filed by one of these organisations.

Standing against Obama is a tough job. 

Activists opposed to the project claim they have been mocked for opposing the library.

Standing against Barack Obama has been a difficult game, activist Brenda Nelms says, adding that it has resulted in many name-callings for us. 

The group has been accused of attempting to foment divisiveness over the park, which will be built on land that connects the city’s predominantly white North Side and predominantly black South Side.

The activists deny this portrayal, stating that all they want to do is safeguard the park.

“Our mission is crystal clear- to make sure that people have proper access to healthier surroundings and that creating projects are geared to empower the collective rather than the powerful few,” the group stated in a statement.

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