Tucker Carlson Net Worth… How Much Was His Salary in Fox News?

Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, a conservative American political commentator, author, and TV personality, was born on May 16, 1969. From 2016 until 2023, he had his own weekly Fox News show, Tucker Carlson Tonight. Carlson started as a journalist in the 1990s, contributing to periodicals including The Weekly Standard.

According to reports, The news industry has lost one of its most divisive and well-paid personalities. On Monday morning, Fox News decided to employ Tucker Carlson as a primetime anchor no longer.

What Is The Net Worth of Tucker Carlson?

According to a source familiar with contract discussions at Fox and other networks, Carlson, 53, earned between $15 million and $20 million a year anchoring “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Fox News’ mainstay one-hour-long nightly talk program.

According to this source, his pay places him among the top-paid professionals in his field. They remarked, “He has more leverage than anyone else,” they said. “He could pick up and go anywhere … before this.”

Tucker Carlson Net Worth

Carlson’s show, aired at 8 p.m. ET since 2017, averaged 3.3 million viewers for each episode in 2018, making it the second most viewed cable show behind only Fox News’s “The Five.” Carlson has been with Fox News since 2009, first as a political analyst before landing the evening spot.

Fox News released a brief statement explaining that Tucker Carlson has “agreed to part ways” with the network and its top anchor but offered no more context for Carlson’s departure. The statement claims that his last performance was on April 21.

Carlson did not say goodbye to fans or hint at his departure in that episode. According to reports citing unnamed sources, Carlson learned of the plan to fire him on a Monday(April 24).

A Fox News representative would not go beyond the statement in the press release. Reported Carlson attorney Bryan Freedman had yet to respond to requests for comment as of press time.

The announcement came a week after Fox settled a slander lawsuit with Dominion Voter Systems for $787.5 million. In March 2021, Dominion filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox for $1.6 billion, claiming the network promoted false charges of election fraud using Dominion’s voting devices in 2020.

During the case, court records were presented that seemed to show that prominent Fox anchors and executives, including Carlson, had publicly criticized the same voting fraud accusations that the network had advanced privately.

Dan Bongino, who hosted the Saturday night program Unfiltered with Dan Bongino, was also let go by Fox News. In his podcast, controversial commentator Bongino said that he and the network “couldn’t come to terms on an extension.” “It’s not some big conspiracy.”

Abby Grossberg, a former producer, filed a lawsuit against Carlson and Fox Network last month. Grossberg claims that Fox compelled her to give a false deposition in the Dominion case and that Carlson created a hostile, “overtly misogynistic” work atmosphere.

What comes next for Carlson is up in the air until we find out why he quit. A source familiar with Fox News’ contract discussions said that if the anchor were dismissed for a reason, the network would not be obligated to pay him any more compensation for his appearance.

Nonetheless, if the divorce were “amicable,” Carlson would be allowed to be paid for the remainder of his contract, even if prohibited from working for another company. Carlson’s lawyer, Bryan Freedman, whose high-profile clients have included Bachelor host Chris Harrison, director Quentin Tarantino, and CNN’s Don Lemon, may try to negotiate with the network for a lump sum payment instead of the total amount specified in his contract, allowing Carlson to leave and work elsewhere.

Carlson’s remaining time on his current deal is unknown. The 2020 election significantly influenced negotiating contracts for the most prominent presenters. According to the expert, these agreements may run anywhere from one to six years, with terms of three to four years being the norm. Vanity Fair claimed that Carlson had been caught off guard while finalizing negotiations to extend his contract until 2029.

Carlson probably has a healthy emergency fund because of his substantial salary from Fox News. Forbes found that Carlson had two properties. One is a home in Woodstock, Maine, on a four thousand square foot site near a lake.

In the past, we covered the wealth of celebrities in a few articles. Visit the following links to learn more:

The other is located on a piece of land formerly two separate parcels in Boca Grande, Florida. He and his wife, Susan Andrews, allegedly spent $2.9 million for their first Florida mansion, which is “hidden down a private lane,” and another $5.5 million on the property next door in the summer of 2022, as reported by the excellent real estate news site Dirt.

The Daily Caller, a conservative news and commentary website, was Carlson’s brainchild outside of Fox News in 2010. This was before he was given his primetime on the network. In 2020, he parted ways with his undergraduate roommate and eventual business partner, Neil Patel, for an undisclosed fee. Patel declined to comment for this piece.

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