UFC’s Kevin Holland Details Stopping Alleged Carjacker in the Wild Chase

On Monday in Texas, UFC’s Kelvin Holland tracked down to hold an accused carjacker until police arrived. The MMA fighter told TMZ Sports about the incident, which he said happened in his neighborhood after he saw a mysterious man, who was looking to steal a car.

Holland described the incident in detail, claiming that the accused carjacker intended to run him over when he confronted him. Holland claimed that after the accused crashed into a trailer, he chased him down and stomped his knees to knock him out.

He finally leaped on him and pinned him to the ground. He also called the said neighbor and informed them about the alleged stealing.

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On October 4, Ariel Helwani shared a tweet in which the incident was described. It goes like

“Earlier this am, like minutes ago, Kevin Holland apprehended a guy who was in the process of stealing someone’s car in his neighborhood, per his coach @cd_powertrain. Chased him down and stayed with him till the cops showed up.

How did the MMA star manage this?

The MMA star was captured just two days after the dramatic ending at UFC Fight Night, by chasing down the suspected thief in the car and bringing him down until police arrived in Saginaw, TX.

UFC's Kevin Holland Details
UFC’s Kevin Holland Details

The 28-year-old fighter spoke with TMZ Sports and provided us with a rundown of the chaotic situation. Holland describes how, after just being flagged down by the man whose car was supposedly stolen, he rushed into intervention and ended up in the thick of a frantic chase.

What happened in the latest game?

In a matchup against Kyle Daukaus at UFC Fight Night on Saturday, Holland was a part of a wild finish. Holland and Daukaus accidentally clashed heads just under three minutes into the battle, knocking Holland out for a short space of time.

It’s a bizarre narrative made even stranger by the circumstances. Holland was recently involved in a contentious altercation with Kyle Daukaus on Saturday night. After the incident the fans started expecting more from him, even some have said who says Holland could not wrestle, the proof is all here. Holland and Daukaus accidentally collided heads less than 3 minutes into the battle, knocking Kevin out for a brief while.

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He rapidly recovered awareness, but the brief period of Kevin’s unconsciousness allowed Kyle to reach Kevin’s neck, choking him out and forcing him to tap. Before declaring the fight a no contest, referee Dan Miragliotta conferred with fellow ref Herb Dean, the Nevada Athletic Commission, and UFC executives. Despite the recent chaos, Holland remains upbeat and delivers a hilarious assessment of the issue.

Followers reaction on the incident

Holland is praised for the incident all over. This cashing incident of the alleged bought several appreciations from the side of the followers also. According to them, this is not just an incident. It’s more like the zeal of Holland which is shown everywhere. Even some of them started expecting a medal for him.

As most people believe that the past few days were not that good for him, still he holds a good spirit every time. And this incident is the craziest example of his enthusiasm for good deeds.

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As we know about the past days, he would have been pretty distracted. But he acted with a sportsman spirit. Well, it is true, he deserves more not because of the good deeds, but also for the talent he possesses. What do you think? Should he get more recognition or not? Do share with us and follow us as we will be back with more.

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