Ultraman Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, Trailer

If you’re not shouting in excitement yet, it’s time to do so! Because the second season of Ultraman is almost here, according to Netflix. We know you have been waiting for a long time since the first season of Ultraman was released. Fans were desperate to get bits and bobs about the Ultraman season 2. The revival of Ultraman by Netflix couldn’t have come at a better moment. The first season was a worldwide success, drawing large crowds from all around the world. So you don’t have to wait extended periods to air watch your favorite hero.

Stay here with us to gather all the necessary information about Ultraman season 2. 

When will Ultraman Season 2 return? Where Can I see the trailer? 

There is no official date that has been decided about the second season yet. But the announcement has been made, so be certain to grab the delight of Ultraman season 2 shortly. It looks like the production part has already started, and because anime takes a long time to make, fans will have to wait a long time for it to be finally released. Only the anticipation is going around at this time. We can expect to see the second season of Ultraman premiere in late 2021 or early 2022. Most probably 25-May-2021. Since the date is not confirmed,  we can only see the fan art and not the official trailer. 

Cast For season 2 

It is known that Its original cast will return for the second season of Ultraman. D.C. Douglas portrays Edo (D.C. Douglas).

Josh Hutcherson plays Shinjiro, Cristina Valenzuela and Tara Sands play Rena, Michael Yurchak plays Icarus, Gunnar Sizemore plays Seiji Hokuto, and Mick Wingert plays Yapool. The show will pick up where it left off in season one, with the same cast of characters. Do you think the makers will introduce a different plot? There’s no such hint yet. So we can only expect the continuation of the previous story. It will be lovely to see that too. If they introduce a new storyline, it is possible to witness new characters. Otherwise, it’s the same as the character’s name and portraying the role.

Ultraman Season 2

Plot of Ultraman

If you’re a true superhero movie fanatic, it would not be hard for you to guess the plot. The storyline revolves around a superhero whose main motive is to protect and safeguard the planet and people. The protagonist is a member of a group called the ‘Science Patrol.’ He, like every other superhero, must keep his true identity hidden from the public. However, later in the novel, he discovers that his father was an Ultraman as well, and he feels compelled to follow in his footsteps. 

It originated as a Japanese tokusatsu, which means Japanese, meaning live-action. The fantastic sci-fi series is a follow-up to the series ‘Ultra Q.’ When it came to recreating the series and making it their own by putting it years after the events of the original program, there was no way Netflix could have backed down. The Netflix adaptation is based on Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi’s manga ‘Ultraman.’  


Do you think that the new plot for the Ultra man season 2 will be entirely based upon the novel, or will Netflix again put its excellent creativity in making the film? Well, if you’re already a reader and you’ve read the series, you probably would want a new track, and SO DO WE.

Dear Netflix, No more wait, please.

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