Report on the Uvalde School Massacre Identifies “Systemic Failings” in Law Enforcement Actions

A horrific report found that state and federal police had been largely responsible for the Uvalde faculty massacre that cost the lives of 21 people.

The Texas House investigation found that when local officers were overwhelmed, the more experienced and prepared responders did not step in and take control.

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According to the file, almost 400 people were present that day and should have helped with the “unfolding chaos.” This included 149 US Border Patrol agents and 91 state police.

Uvalde School Massacre Report Identifies Systemic Failings in Law Enforcement Actions

The report criticized them for putting their own safety before that of innocent bystanders.

The 77-page report was extremely critical of “system failures and egregiously poor decision making” on the part of those in authority during the May 24 attack.

It was released around noon on Sunday when families of the victims met with police to review the report and watch surveillance footage of the shooting at the school.

There were numerous mistakes in the report, including:-

Police officers did not cooperate with Ramos because they were not following the lively shooter doctrine instituted after the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School;

Classroom doors were not kept locked as required by university policy;

Before the shooting, staff had been through roughly 47 ‘lockdown’ drills in which police chased migrants near the school, desensitizing them to the situation.

Before May 24, Ramos posted numerous cryptic messages online that alluded to violent acts, suggesting he was planning a shooting spree.

False statements made by officers during the investigation into the massacre eroded public trust in the process.

The report stated, “There was an overall lackadaisical approach by law enforcement on the scene,” adding, “For many, that was due to them receiving and relying on inaccurate information.” Others had enough information to “know better.”

Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas, said on Twitter that the report’s findings were a good first step toward ensuring students’ safety in the future but that there was still a long way to go to regain the trust of Texans.

‘Immediately’s a report on the #Uvalde capturing is a crucial account of what went mistaken and the way faculties can preserve children protected going ahead,’ he wrote, ‘However, Texans want full transparency to rebuild our belief – beginning with responses to the general public data requests submitted because of the bloodbath.’  

Uvalde School Massacre Identifies Systemic Failings in Law Enforcement Actions
Uvalde School Massacre Identifies Systemic Failings in Law Enforcement Actions

Vincent Salazar, the grandfather of Layla Salazar, who was killed in the school shooting at Robb Elementary, holds a report released by the Texas House investigative committee on the shootings at Robb Elementary School.

After receiving the report from the Texas House investigative committee on the school shooting at Robb Elementary on Sunday, Vincent Salazar, the grandfather of Layla Salazar, spoke with the media.

A report found that officers “did not prioritize saving the lives of innocent victims over their own security” during a chaotic response scene in which those in authority failed to take charge and instead assumed someone else was in charge.

According to the report, local police who were out of their element was left to deal with the situation on their own while state and federal authorities, who were more qualified and experienced, did nothing to help.

The report stated that “these local officers were not the only ones expected to produce the leadership needed throughout this tragedy” and that “hundreds of responders from quite a few legislation enforcement agencies — many of whom had been better skilled and better equipped than the school district police — quickly arrived on the scene.”

According to the report, “despite an apparent environment of chaos,” no responder “seized the initiative to ascertain an incident command put up.” Neither the rating officers of the various responding companies nor anyone else “perceived to be in command” approached the Uvalde CISD chief of police or anyone else “perceived to be in command” to point out the lack of and the need for a command put up, nor did they offer that specific assistance.

The report paid tribute to each victim of Ramos’s bloodbath. The report also found that Robb Elementary School did not follow several basic security protocols, such as having enough keys to prevent teachers from routinely leaving doors unlocked or propped open.

The report noted that the school district did not devote enough resources to maintaining doors and locks, citing the fact that the lock on the room where the shooting occurred had been identified as unreliable but had not been fixed.

The report states, “In particular, the locking mechanism to Room 111 was widely recognized as defective, but it was not repaired.”

It was reported that the high school’s door locks were not working, but no one submitted a formal repair request in writing. 

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