Vabroom Net Worth: The Rise of VaBroom and Its Founders

One broom that has a vacuum included is called the VaBroom. This tool is dual-purpose as it has a vacuum that collects dust that the broom has collected. VaBroom is a cutting-edge product and an excellent illustration of modern technology.

This broom uses a lithium battery and is rechargeable. This broom is special in that it gathers dust from the floor without the need for a vacuum. The company’s founders, Trevor Lambert and John Vadnais, are both business owners who have operated in various industries for a number of years.

The Enhance Innovations Company has a new device called VaBroom. Trevor founded Enhance Innovations Company in 2010, and in 2016, John joined the team. Here are more details about Vabroom Net Worth.

How Much is Vabroom Net Worth?

An intelligent hybrid of a broom and a vacuum cleaner is the VaBroom. All you have to do to use it is stack the mess; the vacuum feature will take care of the rest.

John Vadnais and Trevor Lambert came up with the product and struck a deal with Kevin O’Leary. VaBroom’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $10 million.

Who Is The Owner Of Vabroom?

Trevor Lambert’s experience as an entrepreneur comes from running his own business, Enhance Innovations. Among the many goods he sells under the company name is Vabroom!

Vabroom Net Worth

In addition, John Vadnais holds a master’s degree in entrepreneurial studies, entrepreneurship, and business administration. He owns his businesses as well, and VaBroom helped propel him into the public eye.

The lack of innovation and efficiency in some of the things that firms were selling astounded and perplexed Trevor. At that moment, he had the bright notion of making commonplace devices and items more user-friendly and efficient. Thus, VaBroom came into being!

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What Is VaBroom?

The VaBroom is a vacuum and broom combined into one device. The Enhance Innovations Company has released a new technological device. In 2010, this business was established.

This device functions as both a vacuum and a broom while looking like a broom. The broom’s gathered dust is sucked up by it.

It has a rechargeable lithium battery inside of it. In addition to being lightweight, it is entirely cordless. Sweep, Suck, and See-Ya are the three steps you must take in order to use this product. This product costs $59.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.

About the Founders

Champlin, Minnesota, is home to Trevor Lambert. He began inventing several things while he was a student at the University of St. Thomas. Trevor established Enhance Innovations in 2010 as a design studio to house his works.

Other companies contracted him to assist them with licensing through Enhance Innovations. It was how Trevor got to know John Vadnais. Vadco Innovations is owned by John, who holds an MBA from Bemidji State University. There are six more partners in the business, despite the fact that only two of them were on Shark Tank.

VaBroom was first invented by Joseph Caswell. He went to John and Trevor to sign a licensing agreement with Enhance Innovations after creating the final design of the vacuum and broom hybrid.

They already have a proven track record of bringing things to market as inventors. Joseph’s creation seemed genuine to the two of them. Thus, they and five other individuals joined Caswell as partners.

Although John contributed $200,000 to the firm, the team believed it was insufficient to begin mass manufacturing. Through a Kickstarter effort, they were able to raise more than $74,000. Following its 2020 introduction, the product brought in $3.1 million in sales in 2021.

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