Vagrant Story 2: Trailer and other Latest Update

Have you enjoyed the gameplay and want to discover more on Vagrant Story 2. If yes, you can continue with this article to catch all the latest updates. Vagrant Story is a PlayStation video game system action role-playing game developed and published by Square.

The game was first originally released and has since been re-released for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita consoles via the PlayStation Network. Vagrant Story was established solely by the same team that worked on Final Fantasy Tactics, with Yasumi Matsuno representing as producer, novelist, and director. 

The game is set in the fictitious kingdom of Valencia and the wrecked city of Leá Monde. Ashley Riot, an elite agent known as a Riskbreaker, is sent to Leá Monde to investigate a connection between a charismatic leader as well as a senior Valencian Parliament member, Duke Bardorba.

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Ashley is held responsible for assassinating the Duke in the prologue, and the game reveals the events that occurred one week before the murder.

Vagrant Story 2
Vagrant Story 2

Vagrant Story is a console action-adventure role-playing game unlike any other in that it lacks shops and player interaction with other characters. alternatively, the game focuses on arms creation and modification, along with puzzle-solving and tactic aspects. Overall, it received favorable feedback.

The game garnered positive reviews from gaming publications and websites. Now the major question is whether or not there will be another iteration of this action game. If yes, when do you think you’ll be able to use it? Let’s see what we can do. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

 Vagrant Story 2: Possibilities

The game became so popular because of the action genre. Most of the players enjoyed the features of the game and are wondering about the next. The chances of revival are quite high.  In terms of the second edition, the current report claims that the game’s creators, particularly the director, have made some teasers.

To be more specific, this had been done on Twitter in response to a fan of the game who expressed interest in the game’s mental health theme. 

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“Thank you for your impression,” said producer Yasumi Matsuno in response. I also enjoy the idea of how the mind develops defenses in response to trauma. For the sequel to “Vagrant Story,” that concept was conceived. For the first time in 20 years, I took something out of the box.

Later in the chat, the fan said, “OK, it’s time for the sequel,” to which the director responded, “But just you wait, just you wait.” As a result, the likelihood of a second edition is very high. Later speculations and news said that it might happen as early as 2022 or as late as 2023.

Earlier there were assumptions that it would arrive in 2021, but now the time has almost gone. Hence, the probability of this is quite low. If we talk about 2022, there are high chances of its arrival.  However, no exact date has been set.


Certain RPG players would salivate over the prospect of a Vagrant Story sequel, even if it was only a speculative idea. Yasumi Matsuno, the writer, and director of Vagrant Story provided fans precisely that when he posted a prologue from his abandoned Vagrant Story 2 proposal a few weeks ago.

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You’d be excused if you haven’t seen this yet if you’re a big fan of Vagrant Story or Matsuno’s work on Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12, or his recent contributions to Final Fantasy 14 He simply tweeted it in answer to a fan on Twitter. While Matsuno created the prologue document in question is 2013, the “original plan” dated back to 2002, according to Matsuno. So yes we can hope for the best.


Vagrant Story is a popular single-action role-playing game in which the player takes control of Ashley Riot and explores Leá Monde and the caverns underneath it from a third-person perspective. The START button or right analog stick on the game controller can also be used to switch into first-person perspective for a 360° view. 

The player controls Ashley in a three-dimensional field map, and the characters and sprites are proportionate to one another. Real-time navigation is used, and regions visited by the player are saved in an in-game map menu. Players can confront the adversary on the field map as soon as they start Battle Mode, which employs a pausable real-time combat system.

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Individual bodily parts can be addressed inside this sphere. To perform massive combos and deliver damage to the enemy, the player must link together multiple strikes known as Chain Abilities. Overall, it serves as a full-packed action set that excites the players throughout.

Trailer of Vagrant Story 2

For this, fans have to wait for some time. There hasn’t been a trailer or teaser released yet, nor has there been a full public discussion with any of the game’s creators. While fans eagerly await additional news and information, it will take some time to obtain it.

Although, the ball is in the favorable court and we will get to the next part. But the creators appear to have only recently begun work on it, implying that it will take some time. Until then, take a look at the previous edition.

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