What Happened to Valencia Prime? Cause Of Death Revealed Two Days After Philadelphia Drag Queen’s Passing

Recently, on September 12th, Valencia Prime, a popular drag queen, passed away while performing at the Tabu Lounge & Sports Bar. The circumstances surrounding Prime’s passing were mysterious at the time.

The cause of Prime’s death has just lately come to light. She died from atherosclerosis of the heart and blood vessels while she was singing at a bar. Asia Monroe, another performer, said that Prime did not react when paramedics came.

Prime Time, which Valencia Prime hosted, was a live talk show. But tragically, she passed away on stage. According to Asia Monroe, a friend, and fellow performer, everything moved pretty quickly. Asia claimed that she was kept abreast of the situation by her contacts, who were on the scene.

She mentioned:
“I think the Philadelphia scene will never be the same. She was really a wonderful, loving, and caring person.”

Asia elaborated by saying that Prime was an integral part of the Philadelphia drag scene and that anyone who hadn’t heard of her was missing out.

valencia prime death
valencia prime death

Valencia Prime’s Health

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