Valerie Bertinelli Weight Loss: How Her Transformation Left Fans Speechless!

Valerie Bertinelli, who is a well-known actress and TV figure, has changed in a way that has left her fans completely speechless. Her amazing journey to lose weight has captivated people all over the world, and the amazing results have caused a frenzy of praise and amazement.

How Valerie Bertinelli Lose Her Weight?

These days, Valerie Bertinelli is more beautiful than ever. The 63-year-old lost weight without going on a crash diet or putting in countless hours at the gym. Instead, she said, she participated in Dry January and cut back on her alcohol consumption. Wow!

After seeing the before and after pictures of Jessica Simpson’s sobriety and 100-pound weight reduction, we all know what quitting alcohol can do for one’s body, and now Bertinelli is the newest A-list example!

However, in an even more recent video, Bertinelli stated that cutting back on sugar was also a part of her weight reduction, suggesting that she lost 10 pounds as a result of not drinking alcohol.

Valerie Bertinelli Weight Loss

“Just from no alcohol? Or sugar too? A battle but one we can win,” one fan commented, to which she replied, “I cut back a LOT on sugar.” Another fan said they did “Sober October AND Dry January AND way less sugar,” but experienced “very little weight loss.”

However, the fan added that they were “feeling healthier,” which inspired Bertinelli, who then replied: “Oooh, Sober October. I like it. I may also do Dry July.”

The author of Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today ended her Dry January journey on February 1 by posting a video on Instagram and telling her followers that while she “may” have a cocktail on the weekend because of a dinner date, she plans to drink less frequently going forward.

You can read one of her Instagram posts on her effort to lose weight below. In which she wrote- Happy Day 31! We did it!


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