Valorant Agents List, Unique Appearance and New Weapons (UPDATED)

VALORANT’s playable characters are called Agents, and they represent a VALORANT Protocol agent. Class-based, with four distinct talents and a distinct Contract, each agent contributes to the team’s success. A free Signature Ability is available to every agent in every round.

Only eight agents were available in the early press builds of the game, despite Riot’s goal of launching the game with 12 agents. The breach was officially unveiled at a private party on March 29, 2020. Raze and the map Split has been introduced since the Closed Beta began on April 7, 2020, bringing the Agent total to ten. There are five agents available at the start of the game, and two more can be unlocked by progressing through the game. Taking Contracts and earning XP on them will allow you to unlock more agents.

Initially, agents are equipped with 100 health; Light Shields increase this to 125, and Heavy Shields raise it to 150. In every act, a new agent is expected to be unveiled by the developers. After 12–15 months of development, the design of new agents takes into account factors like what is missing from the existing playstyle, are there any potential thematic areas that present large opportunities, and how to improve the overall health of the game.

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Valorant Agents List


Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdez, a native of Manila, the Philippines, is a Radiant whose bioelectricity has become entwined with Earth’s radianite mesh. The VALORANT Protocol hired her as part of their Omega Project to use her electromagnetic powers to power an Alpha-Omega teleporter, a project she had previously worked on at K/SEC. When Valdez agreed to join the Protocol as its 19th agent, “Neon,” she fled her home to help the VP establish a stable connection to Earth-2.

Valorant Agents
Valorant Agents


An olive-skinned young Filipina woman with a small stature, Neon was born in the Philippines. She wears black and blue running tights and a pair of sneakers in an athletic outfit. With her dark blue cropped vest, she appears to be using her talents as electrical conduits. Her radiant talents can illuminate the light blue designs on her arms and face. She has long, scruffy hair that she wears half-up in pigtails and dyes electric blue with yellow streaks. Also, she has gold bracelets on each arm, and a belt around her waist.

To channel electricity through her body, she uses her radiant talents to create patterns on her body that glow in bright blue, including on her arms, face, and eyes.


When Liam Byrne came of age, he worked as a firefighter for the Boston Fire Department and subsequently as a member of the Ragged Ravens, an elite military team. Both of his jobs were done in close collaboration with a long-time buddy. In addition, he joined Kingdom Corporation and worked for their subsidiary K/SEC for many years.

With Byrne as its first agent and later as its leader and commander, “Brimstone,” the covert VALORANT Protocol was formed in the wake of the events of First Light.


Known as “Brimstone,” he’s a huge man with a blue shirt and a metal plate covering his chest. He wears an orange beret with a gold-colored insignia depicting two inverted chevrons, which may be a reference to his rank in the military. Brimstone has a thick beard and a grey mustache. He has a wrist brace on his left arm and gloves on both hands.

Also, he has a tattoo on the upper portion of his right arm.


This artist is from the United States and has possible Seattle ties. Previously employed by Kingdom Corporation as its first Chief Scientific Officer on its board of advisors and with influence over the conglomerate’s initiatives in Rabat, Morocco, she holds a degree and accolades such as the R. Francis Prize and the Denton Outstanding Innovation Award. Her colleague’s agents have also speculated that she was formerly a healer. However, there was an “event” during her time at Kingdom. Little is known about what happened, but Callas’ life changed forever after that point when she realized how much she had lost and decided to devote herself solely to seeking retribution.


In addition to her hair color and venom green eyes attracting the attention of others, Viper wears a black mask. This mask transforms into a gas mask when Viper utilizes her ultimate ability. A skin-tight bodysuit with sharp black shoulder plates and bespoke gloves that allow her to discharge hazardous gases is her attire. In addition to her poisons, she wears black boots that go to her thighs and carries a canister on her back.


The life of Vincent Fabron, a Frenchman, is devoted to attaining a singular objective, no matter the cost. Before joining Kingdom Defense as a weapons designer, he worked for the French military as a marksman and subsequently as a weapons designer for PMC. Even yet, his work at Kingdom was simply meant to be a stepping stone in the direction of his true calling.


Chamber is decked out in a pair of thick-rimmed rectangular glasses and a combover haircut. Blue suit vest over a white long-sleeved shirt, with a geometrical multicolored midnight tie on top of it. The buttons have been replaced with three gun bullets on this vest. Brown gloves with white straps conceal his ring and pinkie fingers, while the rest of his hands are covered in brown leather.

Other Agents:

  • Omen
  • Killjoy
  • Cypher
  • Sova
  • Sage
  • Phoenix
  • Jett
  • Reyna
  • Raze
  • Breach
  • Skye
  • Yoru
  • Astra
  • KAY/O

Weapons of Valorant Agents

Depending on the meta or playstyle of the game, agents carry a variety of weapons, most commonly rifles. Generally speaking, firearms are divided into two groups: Sidearms and Primary weaponry. SMGs, shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and machine guns are among the primary weapons, while pistols are among the sidearms.

Weapons of Valorant Agents
Weapons of Valorant Agents

There are only so many bullets in a gun’s magazine, but there are also spares available. As the distance between the shooter and target is increased, the quantity of damage a bullet inflicts increases as well. When used at close range, each gun deals a fixed amount of damage to an enemy’s body; at longer ranges, multipliers are used to this figure to determine how much damage will be dealt with the head and legs, and the rest of the body as well. When the decimal point is.5, the result is rounded down rather than up.

During the pre-round, Agents can use their creds to acquire weapons. The Knife and the Classic sidearm are included in every Agent’s kit by default. When a round ends, an agent’s weapons are theirs to keep until the end of the game. Weapons can also be found on the ground from dead players, both friendly and hostile, which can be taken into the next round.

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