Vanitas No Carte Season 2: Release Date Status & What we know so far

Will we get another dose of this dark fantasy story? We have good news for those, who were eagerly waiting to know more about season 2 of this fabled story. Yes, you guessed it right. Vanitas No Carte Season 2 is happening. This is officially confirmed, so you do not have to speculate more on this. We will surely get a more interesting story this time. Let’s catch all the updates in detail.

The Case Study of Vanitas, a Japanese manga series illustrated by Jun Mochizuki, Bones adapted this manga for a supernatural drama titled Vanitas No Carte, which is directed by Tomoyuki Itamura. The series premiered on July 3, 2021, and within no time it attracted a massive fan base. The tales of this drama revolve around Noe Archivist who is a vampire of the crimson moon. He is in search of the cursed grimoire known as the Book of Vanitas. The story takes several turns which excites the viewers. If we talk about the ratings, the anime marked 7.8/ 10 on IMDb. Although it also faced some negative responses, overall the series got an appraisal for the mass audience. All this excitement leads to knowing more about the story’s next chapter. So, here you can grab all the details on Vanitas No Carte Season 2.

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Vanitas No Carte Season 2 Release Date

The fans already knew that the series would come up with another chapter, which was a major reason for excitement. Before the end of the finale episode, it was made clear that a new season will surely come. Vanitas no Carte season 1 was released on July 3, 2021, and served a total of 12 episodes. It grabbed the attention of a larger audience and was later loved by both fans as well as critics. The show premiered the last episode of season 1 on September 18, 2021. But before this, on September 17, renewal status was officially shared from the Twitter handle of this anime series. 

Vanitas No Carte Season 2
Vanitas No Carte Season 2

The anime will continue the journey of fantasy and adventure at the beginning of next year. We can explore the story in January 2022, but the exact release date is not offered till now. However, there was immense hype for the upcoming season, which got a bit relaxed from this official announcement, as it ended the room of speculations. So yes, it is crystal clear that we just have to wait for a few months to enjoy the drama again.

Vanitas No Carte Season 2 Cast

As we know, the cast of season 1 was phenomenal, and the audience also enjoyed their performances. So, there are high chances that all the major characters will get a comeback in season 2. Moreover, it is expected that we will meet some new faces along with the original cast. However, as of now, this is not disclosed so, we have to wait for the concrete details. The following characters of season 1 are expected to be part of season 2.

  • Natsuki Hanae as Vanitas
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Noé Archivist
  • Ai Kayano as Dominique de Sade
  • Inori Minase as Jeanne
  • Taro Kiuchi as Dante
  • Shino Shimoji as Luca
  • Ryosuke Hara as Thomas Berneux
  • Riho Kyûma as Riche
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Ruthven
  • Takuya Nakashima as Masked man 
  • Miyuri Shimabukuro as Louis de Sade
  • Kengo Kawanishi as Laurent
  • Arisa Kiyoto as Nox
  • Kaori Nazuka as Naenia
  • Ryunosuke Watanuki as Georges
  • Miyu Komaki as Murr
  • Itsuki Kurita as Manet
  • Yume Miyamoto as Maria

Vanitas No Carte Season 2 Plot

As of now, no hints have been given on season 2 of the story. However, if we connect dots from the previous season. In Vanitas No Carte Season 2, a self-asserted healer of the vampire clan will look for La Bete and try every possible effort to find out the truth behind the cursed species. We will also get to know more about Vanitas and Noe’s story. As in season 1, we have seen that Vanitas went on date with Jeanne and ignored Neo. Moreover, Neo’s friendship could be tested in the upcoming story. The story will also unravel all the hidden intentions of the secretive organization, Charlatan. So yes, a lot more is parallelized in the upcoming story, the wait of a few months will be worth it. We will get back to you if the official synopsis of season 2 comes out.

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Vanitas No Carte Season 2 Trailer

We know that the anime will come with the next installment in January, but expecting a trailer now, is too early. It might be out in December. There are some fan-made trailers available on the internet, but the official trailer for season 2 is not out yet. As per some reports, season 2 is in the final stage of production. However, we have to wait for the official words. And if this is true, then we may get some clips in the coming days. If you have not enjoyed season 1 yet, give it a watch till the next comes in the picture.

We will be back with some more updates, so stay tuned.

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