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Velvet is also known as Galerías Velvet is a Spanish television drama series created by Gema R. María and Ramón Campos and was picked for production by Bambú Producciones for Antena 3. The estimated budget for each episode is around 500,000 euros. The series starred Paula Echevarría and Miguel Ángel Silvestre.

The storyline of the series revolves around the love story of the main character Alberto Márquez whose role is played by Miguel Ángel Silvestre, a successor of Galerías Velvet, which is one of the most famous and reputed fashion houses in the late 1950s in Spain and Ana Ribera whose role is played by Paula Echevarría, a girl who works there as a tailoress. The series is directed by Carlos Sedes and David Pinillos.

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The first season of the drama series initially aired on 17th January 2014 on Antena 3 and concluded on 26th May 2014 with a total of 15 episodes, the second season aired on 21st October 2014, just after 5 months approximately and concluded on 23rd February 2015 with a total of 14 episodes, the third season aired on 10th July 2015 after four months of the second season and concluded on 17th December 2015 with total 15 episodes, the fourth season aired on 5th October 2016 and concluded on 21st December 2016 with a total of 11 episodes.


The series was nominated for many awards and won three of them for Best Creation in 2014 in 2nd MiM Series Awards, 2017 José Sacristán won the award for Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series in 4th Feroz Awards and Paula Echevarría won the award for Best TV Actress in 67th Fotogramas de Plata. The series managed to win many hearts with its storyline and has a rating of 8.1 out of 10. 

The series was so impressive that even after almost five years since the last season was released, the fans are still requesting for the fifth season of the series and we are here with everything you should know about the renewal of the series for another season, read out the full article to catch all the latest updates.

Velvet Season 5 Release Date

Even after almost five years since the release of last season, there is no hint, no announcement, and not a single word heard for the renewal of the series for its fifth season which makes it quite clear that there will be no further renewal of the show and the fourth season can be deemed as the final one. But still, since there is not even confirmation even on the cancellation of the fifth season we can expect if by chance there is still hope and the makers come up with a positive update.

Velvet Season 5 Cast

There is no confirmation on whether the show will get its renewal further but if it happens, we can expect almost all the characters to return from the previous season to reprise their role once again for the fifth season. Let’s have a look at the names.

  • Paula Echevarría in the main role of Ana Ribera López de Márquez
  • Miguel Ángel Silvestre in the main role of Alberto Márquez Navarro
  • Aitana Sánchez-Gijón in the main role of Blanca Soto Fernández
  • Manuela Velasco in the main role of Cristina Otegui Mendoza
  • Javier Rey in the main role of Mateo Ruiz Lagasca
  • Marta Hazas in the main role of Clara Montesinos Martín de Ruiz
  • Cecilia Freire in the main role of Margarita “Rita” Montesinos Martín de Infantes
  • Adrián Lastra in the role of Pedro Infantes
  • Miriam Giovanelli in the role of Patricia Márquez Campos 
  • José Sacristán in the role of Emilio López
  • Asier Etxeandía in the role of Raúl de la Riva
  • Diego Martín in the role of Enrique Otegui Mendoza
  • Amaia Salamanca in the role of Barbara de Senilliosa de Otegui
  • Peter Vives in the role of Carlos Álvarez
  • Llorenç González in the role of Jonás Infantes
  • Pastora Vega in the role of Carmen Alcocer
  • Francesco Testi in the role of Marco Cafiero
  • Concha Velasco in the role of Petra Alcalde Vargas
  • Aitor Luna in the role of Humberto Santamaría

Apart from them there can be other recurring characters we can expect to return like Aitor Calderón, Alberto Roldán, Iker Mazón, Toni Agustí, Nando González, Chema León, Pep Miràs, Julián Ortega, Xavi Lite, Huichi Chiu, Cristina Plazas, Manuela Vellés and many more.

Velvet Season 5 Plot

Before getting into the events that may happen in the fifth season, let us leap over the events that occurred in the previous seasons so that we can have a better clarification. As we know that majorly the series follows the love story of the protagonist Alberto Marquez who is the legal successor of one of the most reputed and famous fashion houses named Galerías Velvet in the late 1950s in Madrid and a girl named Ana Ribera who works at the same fashion houses as a dressmaker.

The main protagonist Alberto faces difficulties in maintaining the reputation and prosperity of the Velvet whereas Ana works hard to create a benchmark as a fashion designer all by herself. The show also put light on the private lives of the other Velvet’s employees which mainly included a friend and also a business partner of Alberto named Mateo Ruiz, Alberto’s deceitful step sister Patricia Marquez, his sisters Clara and Rita Montesinos, the managers of Velvet Blanca Soto and Emilio Lopez who is Ana’s uncle as well and designer Raul de la Riva. 

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The fourth season ended on a good note where we see Alberto Marquez can marry her lover Ana Ribera after all those difficulties and struggles and they finally found they’re happily ever after. So, after the end, it’s quite hard to predict what the fifth season would be like? But the makers can do anything, maybe if the fifth season happens, they decide to continue the same storyline showing the married life of Alberto and Ana and their journey together.

Velvet Season 5 Trailer

Till now, there is no official announcement regarding the production or plan of the fifth season so we cannot expect any trailer soon. 


The series performed quite well but since it’s already 5 long years so it would be a surprise for the fans if the series gets renewed for the fifth season. We will keep you updated, until then stay tuned.

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