Volkswagen Arteon: Review, Trims, Specs and Price

With Volkswagen Arteon, the company has yet again proved that it could nicely blend practicality, luxury, and style. Launched in 2019, Volkswagen Arteon is a top-flight passenger car. The trademark of the car is its four-door hatchback. It gives the car a very premium feel.

Volkswagen Arteon


The length of the car is somewhat similar to the Passat sedan. It isn’t a surprise because both the cars are available on an MQB platform. This platform is very preferable by many other Audi and VW models.

However, It has managed to shine, thanks to its unique design path. Also, the car is approximately five centimetres more in width in comparison to Passat. Also, the distance between the front and rear wheels is longer, and this increases the legroom present in the back section of the car. 


At the first glace, it reminds you of the CC sedan of Volkswagen. However, that model is long gone after 2017 and not to forget; it was much smaller than the Arteon. Another distinctive difference is that the CC sedan had a trunk while Arteon has a liftgate.

Arteon is a large car with spacious headroom. It can easily handle five passengers in it. The 60:40 split rear seatback can be laid flat after folding. This feature is helpful for expanding the cargo area of the car. One can also fit longer items inside the car because of the pass-through opening. 

The sedan also flaunts a sloping nose and hood. It adds a touch of sportiness to Arteon. Passan lacks this touch of sportiness. Aso, the fastback roofline of the Arteon is similar to Audi A5 Sportback and Kia Stinger. 


Active dampers support Arteon. The dampers are quick to react and hardly take a few milliseconds to adjust itself to the different road conditions and the input of the drivers.

The control panel present in the cabin of Arteon is almost similar to Passat’s control panel. It has a 20-centimetre touchscreen. The touchscreen is easy to understand and operate, this one of the unique features of almost all VW models. The pushbuttons for controlling the ventilation is available below the touchscreen. 

Arteon gets its power by 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. The engine makes 268 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. It has been declared respectable by many reviewers. In the city, the car has a fuel-economy rating of 12.0l/100 km, whereas it is 8.6 l/km on the highway. 

The only transmission choice available in Arteon is the eight-speed automatic. It directs the torque to all the wheels of the car. However, that is not a problem since the vehicle comes with a 4Motion all-wheel-drive. 

Safety Features 

The Arteon comes with a forward-collision and blind-spot warning. It also has an autonomous emergency braking. Other safety features present in it includes active cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and pedestrian detection. 

Additional Features of Volkswagen Arteon

This car comes with tri-zone climate control. It has a 12-way power front seats. In addition to that, a massage function is available for the driver. Both the front and the rear seats are covered with leather and can be heated. It also features a premium 12-speaker audio system.

The car flaunts a panoramic sunroof. It comes with a navigation system. Also, a 31-centimetre digital gauge is present that can display information and it is easily adjustable as per the preference of the driver. 

Price of Volkswagen Arteon  2019

The starting price of Volkswagen Arteon is $49,900, and this also includes the destination fees. 

Wrap Up

Volkswagen Arteon is an improved and a newer version of the VW CC model. It is better than the later model because it is more extensive and is both more practical and comfortable. The good looking design of Volkswagen Arteon makes it different from other sedans present in the market.

If you want a V-6 in your car, this isn’t for you as it has turbocharged four-cylinder posts, and the output is pretty decent. The controls present in the car are nothing fancy, which is good because it can be used simply. For the price of the vehicle, the car is filled with enough features to keep you satisfied. 

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