Walmart, Target, Gamestop, and Others Are Expected to Restock Xbox Series X This Week (February 28-march 6).

If you are searching for an Xbox Series X restock this week, then you are at the right place. We have mentioned a lot of upcoming drops arriving between 28th February to 6th March. 

We have experienced that February was not the month for the availability of the Xbox Series X console. In the entire month, we received a handful of restocks. 

Sony is releasing some major products and big releases, whereas Microsoft is far behind in the list of Xbox fans. Elden Ring is also facing some issues currently on Xbox. Call of Duty also became a part of Xbox sometime ago. Fable or Gears of War is also getting a remaster soon. 

Without wasting much time, here is everything we need to know about Xbox Series X restock. 

Walmart On Xbox Series X Restock

Walmart finally revealed the presence of Xbox Series X restocks last week. However, the offer was exclusively for Walmart+ members. The retailer of the Xbox also announced the release date in advance, which made the console hunters excited. 

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The possibility of retailers coming live again for the customers this week is high. However, the situation entirely depends upon its stock levels. We are not 100% sure about this, but strange things might happen. Walmart does enjoy selling consoles. Therefore it is lacking stock.

Target Is Also In The List Of Xbox Series X Restock

Target has gained the number one position or spot to find an Xbox Series X. They obtained this position due to some reports spreading in the market. Reports specify that the retailers sell the Xbox consoles as soon as they arrive in the market. 

Meanwhile, we have also witnessed the dropping stock of Target online quite often. Another restock of Xbox Series X is predicted to be dropping this week. So, we can expect it to be available both online and in stores. 

GameStop Can’t Be Behind

Xbox Series X restock was available for two consecutive weeks. We hope the trend continues in the next month too. However, the stock on the GameStop website lasts longer. This longer duration suggests the sudden fall of the demand. 

GameStop was also asked to drop its price for Xbox Series X recently. The players were not ready to pay that much for the game. The retailer of GameStop should down the cost of it. Otherwise, a drop in the entire bundles will be witnessed soon. 

Xbox Series X
Xbox Series X

Microsoft Returns With Xbox Series X Restock

According to some sources, we can say that Microsoft might come back with Xbox Series X restock regularly. This restock will come straight forward to your inbox.

 This method has been the favorite one for most buyers. They can get the next-gen console effortlessly and at a fair price.

To buy the console directly from the manufacturer, you need to sign up for an Xbox Series X invite here. 

Xbox Series X Restock Accessible On Best Buy

Best Buy went live last week with Xbox stock. However, it was only available for TotalTech members. The membership system of the store was also high at $200. Most of the gamers couldn’t gain the profits of the recent drop. 

However, after the drop of TotalTech, Best Buy was allowed to release the stock for all the available users. Considering this point, we can expect the release date of the Xbox Series X restock between 28th February to 6th March. 

Xbox Series X Restock Available On Antonline

There was no availability of the Xbox Series X restock at Antonline last week. However, Series S units were in stock. We might get another Xbox Series X drop soon. So, stay connected to the Antonline official Twitter account for further notifications. 

The purchase from the Antonline is easy and quick, but you have to pay extra for this quick access. However, the statement doesn’t point towards overpriced products. They come up with some fair share of pack-in extras. 

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Amazon Is Also In The Race

The most unpredictable retailer in the market of next-gen console sales is none other than Amazon. The online stores do go live along with some stock and reach the end of the month. 

Meanwhile, the Amazon PS5 restock that launched recently was a little disaster. Currently, we don’t have any information related to the drop of the Xbox Series X on Amazon. 

However, we are sure that if they will not display the restock on 28th February, then they will not return until March last. 

This information is everything we know right now about the Xbox Series X restocks happening this week. Do check the article throughout the week to stay updated. 

It’s quite obvious that the shortage of Xbox Series X will continue in 2022 also. However, we can hope that March will prove better than February.

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