Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast & Returning Character Guide

Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast: Season 2 of Netflix’s Warrior Nun features the return of its phenomenally gifted international cast. Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast has some enthralling actors.  Season 2 of Simon David Barry’s Warrior Nun opens up with Ava Silva (Alba Baptista) and the Order of the Cruciform Sword facing out against the angel Adriel (William Miller), who returned at the end of Season 1. There is a chance that Adriel’s new rule over Earth can’t be stopped, not even by Ava’s abilities as Halo Bearer or the OCS’s tactical fighting expertise.

Shot entirely in and around Andalusia, Spain, the  Warrior Nun Season 2 cast and crew deliver a stunning international production. Warrior Nun, adapted from Ben Dunn’s comic book Warrior Nun Areala, shifted the mythology’s focus on Ava, an orphaned quadriplegic who was killed but brought back to life by the mysterious energy source known as the Halo.

Ava, now full of strength, ignored her inner voice telling her to join the OCS and instead sought to make history as the final Warrior Nun. Adriel was imprisoned beneath the Vatican, but Ava and the OCS were duped into freeing him. Season 2 of Warrior Nun finds Ava rallying the OCS to foil Adriel’s global conquest plot. Season 2 of Warrior Nun brings back nearly all of the original cast from the first season and introduces new characters to fight alongside them against Adriel.  Warrior Nun Season 2 cast includes some amazing actors.

warrior nun season 2 cast
warrior nun season 2 cast


Below is every detail mentioned about  Warrior Nun Season 2 cast.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Cast

Alba Baptista Is Back As Ava Silva 

Halo Bearer, the Unstoppable One In Warrior Nun Season 2, Ava dedicates herself more fully to becoming a Warrior Nun by harnessing the power of the Halo in order to thwart Adriel’s quest for global dominance. Despite Ava’s acquired skills and abilities, she may still be unable to beat Adriel even as the Halo Bearer asserts herself as the leader of the OCS. The Portuguese actress Alba Baptista co-stars in Mrs Harris Goes to Paris.

Sister Beatrice, Played By Kristina Tonteri-Young, Is back

Sister Beatrice, the model of discipline and propriety, is in charge of Ava’s training to improve her skills as a Warrior Nun. Beatrice struggles with developing love feelings for Ava as she and the Halo Bearer become closer. Besides her roles in Outside The Wire and Dancing Through the Shadow, Finnish actress Kristina Tonteri-Young has starred in the films The Girl Next Door and The Red Road. Warrior Nun Season 2 cast also includes:-

  • Thekla Reuten again plays Dr. Jillian Salvius
  • Tristan Ulloa is back as Father Vincent
  • Sister Lillith, played by Lorena Andrea, is back!
  • Mother Superion is played again by Sylvia De Fanti
  • William Miller Is Back As Adriel
  • Sister Camila, played by Olivia Delcán, is back!
  • Peter de Jersey Is Back As Kristian Schaefer

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