Warrior Nun Season 2 Review: It Is Schlocky Nuns, Guns, And Demon Fun

Warrior Nun Season 2 Review: Once the dignified nun picked up a gun and started shooting demon-possessed priests, I knew I was seeing something interesting on Netflix’s Warrior Nun.

The 2020 debut of Warrior Nun, a Netflix show about a young lady who is revived from the dead and granted superpowers by the halo of an angel in order to fight evil, was a big deal. The first season was just fine. Although it was passable as background noise for other activities, such as doing laundry or playing a video game, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone due to the extremely slow pace of the first half. The second season, which debuted on November 10, is more confident than the first. Here we are with Warrior Nun Season 2 Review.

Warrior Nun Season 2 Review

Some of the most exciting battle sequences in recent history feel like they were shot on location in Spain for one of the CW’s superhero shows and then expertly edited for maximum entertainment value. In other words, the acting can go anywhere from “this person could win an Oscar in 20 years” to “this person will make a career attending cons.”

Despite having characters that are charming enough to keep you watching, the show moves at such a breakneck pace that you may grow frustrated at your inability to relax and enjoy the company of these nuns for more than a few minutes at a time. But the second season of Warrior Nun is much more breezy in its plot progression, making it a pleasant and easy show to watch on a weekend.

warrior nun season 2 review
warrior nun season 2 review

But perhaps I should start by explaining the premise of Warrior Nun. The show’s title is very descriptive, yet it lacks nuance in the same way that the show itself does. When her mother is murdered in a car accident and she is left paralysed, Ava (Alba Baptista) spends much of her life in an orphanage. Ava is brought back to life and given abilities after a nun of the Order of the Cruciform Sword places an angel’s halo on her corpse in season 1.

There’s tension between Ava, who is thrilled to be walking and also, you know, alive, and the nuns, who need her to become a warrior, a leader, and a mature adult as quickly as possible, because the halo and the powers usually go to an OCS nun who then leads the rest of the order in their fight against demons. Warrior Nun Season 2 Review can sum up in one word that is amazing.

Spoiler alert: Ava frees the original halo bearer, Adriel (William Miller), an angel who may or may not be a demon, and Adriel control everyone around him at the end of Season 1. Ava then flees the Vatican.

In the second season, Ava and her best friend and crush, Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young), a nun from the Order of the Cruciform Sword who is particularly excellent in a fight, go on the run. While the other nuns are busy planning a means to defeat Adriel, who is forming a cult and getting ready to once again challenge the pope and the Vatican, Beatrice is busy training Ava. Ava must decide how far she is willing to go and what type of powers she can develop to lead the war against Adriel when the mysterious new stranger Miguel (Jack Mullarkey) appears and offers her a means to rejoin the fight. Below is more on Warrior Nun Season 2 Review.

The show’s Spanish setting is very noticeable. There are vehicle chases through winding, cobblestone streets, battles in ancient castles and chapels, and beautiful vistas of the mountains that serve as the casual backdrop to everyday discussions. The show is primarily in English, but when it makes sense, the characters will switch to Spanish, Italian, or even German. All of these elements elevate the show above the typical fare of The CW and SyFy.

The setting makes Warrior Nun feel more classy, and the design itself is quite attractive. The lighting in this show appears to have been carefully considered, and the action sequences are almost always expertly shot and edited. It’s much more polished than I would have expected from a low-budget show about nuns fighting demons. This is it for Warrior Nun Season 2 Review.

Let me warn you that Netflix has not yet announced whether or not they will renew Warrior Nun for a third season after the shocking cliffhanger ending of season two. But if you need a break from God of War: Ragnarök or just want to have some fun over the weekend, Warrior Nun is a fantastic option.

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