WatchOS 10 Release Date: What To Expect From Apple Latest Wearable Software!

Despite the fact that some of Apple’s most significant releases are free, the corporation is frequently criticised for charging excessive prices for its goods. For instance, the yearly significant software updates for the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch unlock a plethora of new capabilities at no additional cost.

In actuality, this year’s watchOS 10 software update (price: $0) is a lot more substantial than what is anticipated from the hardware. The Apple Watch Series 9 has been dubbed “anything but major,” while the new OS was anticipated to provide “bigger enhancements, including an updated interface.” We now know what those improvements involve, and this update is undoubtedly a blockbuster.

In order to give you the most accurate information regarding watchOS 10’s release date and new features, we dug into everything Apple announced at WWDC 2023.

WatchOS 10 Release Date

On June 5, watchOS 10 was unveiled at WWDC 2023. It is currently undergoing a protracted beta testing phase.

On September 18, 2023, around one week after Apple’s iPhone Event on September 12, users will be able to download the final version of watchOS 10.

Digital Tuition posted an official tweet which confirms the release date of WatchOS 10.

WatchOS 10 Beta Latest Version

Apple has been testing beta versions of watchOS in the run-up to the official release, and participants in the programme have been able to install it on their Apple Watches. A developer beta and a public beta are both accessible. Version 8 of the developer beta was released on August 29.

  • June 5: watchOS 10 unveiled at the WWDC keynote presentation.
  • June 5: First developer beta is released.
  • July 13: First public beta is released.
  • June-September: A series of betas are released, gradually getting closer to the final product.
  • September 18: watchOS 10.0 is rolled out to the public.
WatchOS 10 Beta Latest Version
WatchOS 10 Beta Latest Version

Four more operating system updates, including iOS 17 for the iPhone, macOS 14 for the Mac, and iPadOS 17 for the iPad, will be released alongside watchOS 10.

WatchOS 10 New Features

Apple Watch will soon get a variety of new features, including redesigned apps, a greater emphasis on widgets via the Smart Stack, and additional cycling and hiking features. These changes were all unveiled at WWDC.

Smart Stack

Any watch face can access the new Smart Stack by turning the Digital Crown. It is a context-sensitive collection of widgets that watchOS has determined, depending on the location, the time of day, and your behaviours, are pertinent to your needs right now. To add a widget to the Smart Stack, long press. The watch face is still visible in the background when widgets are displayed superimposed on it.

Control Center

With the release of watchOS 10, the quick-access page of toggles and settings on the Apple Watch will be accessible from the side button. The existing way (swiping up from the bottom of the screen), which occasionally fails, especially when done from within an app, should be a little simpler than this.

Updated Watch Faces

Snoopy and Palette are the two brand-new watch faces arriving with watchOS 10. Palette allows you to create overlapping layers of colour that vary and move throughout the day. It has a calm, understated face. The Snoopy watch face introduces Snoopy and Woodstock from Peanuts to the Apple Watch in a similar way to the Mickey/Minnie Mouse and Toy Story faces that have previously proven popular.


The Activity app will soon undergo modifications that should make it simpler to monitor daily activity and display more information. Additionally, sharing enhancements as well as a new trophy case design are on the way.

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New trainer hints will be added to Apple Fitness+.


Cycling-specific functions are now included of WatchOS 10. Once the cycling session is started on the Watch, cyclists will notice a Live Activity on their iPhone. If they tap it, it will expand to fill the entire screen. This enables you to examine workout statistics on the larger screen of the iPhone while it is mounted on the bike.


In watchOS 10, the Compass app will receive upgrades. The Compass app will keep track of Waypoints for hikers, like the most recent time they had a cellular connection. In order to know where you need to be in order to call for help, there is also a Last Emergency Call Waypoint.


The Health app will include resources to help users identify their risk level for depression and anxiety, including assessments that are available in the app itself, and the Mindfulness app will gain some capabilities to support mental health with users being able to register their feelings and daily moods.

Adaptive Apps

Many of Apple’s own Apple Watch apps, including Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, and World Clock, have been “rethought” and redesigned in order to provide more information at a glance. Apple is concentrating on using more of the Apple Watch touchscreen to provide users with more glanceable information.

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