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Wayne Season 2: Possible Release Date Status & More Updates!

Wayne Season 2

Wayne Season 2

“Wayne” has proven to be the ultimate underdog both on and offscreen since its release on YouTube’s premium channel in 2019. The series follows Wayne (Mark McKenna), an enraged youngster who sets out on a homicidal road trip with his lover Del (Ciara Bravo) to retrieve his father’s Pontiac Trans-Am.

Wayne Season 2

It’s a frantic, obscene journey that feels like a John Green novel mixed with “Dirty Harry” – and people adored it. It was never a problem of not having enough fans. Instead, as YouTube exited the scripted originals market, “Wayne” was left without a home.

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Then, in November 2020, Amazon Prime purchased the streaming rights to Season 1 of “Wayne,” giving it a second chance at life. Since then, more people have learned about Wayne and Del’s incredible road trip adventure, and those same people are eager to learn more.

Unfortunately, Amazon has not said whether or not “Wayne” will be renewed for a second season, but the show has not been canceled.

As a result, the critically praised teen drama (which has a 100% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes) remains in limbo. Despite the fact that Amazon has yet to commit to a second season, “Wayne” creator Shawn Simmons has big plans for the show. Continue reading to learn more about what we know thus far regarding a possible “Wayne” Season 2.

Plot of Wayne Season 2

Because it is set in Simmons’ hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts, “Wayne” is a personal story for him. As a result, despite the fact that he is still waiting to hear whether Amazon plans to continue the program, he has already written the Season 2 premiere and plotted out the remainder of the season. The series creator talked about what’s ahead for Wayne and Del in a November 2020 interview with Inverse.

“I don’t believe that Wayne is in juvie gives too much away,” Simmons replied. “Del’s at a position I won’t get into, but the entire season is about Wayne trying to make amends, to reclaim Del and find the peace he so well deserves.”

Mark McKenna, for one, is hoping that Season 2 will happen. As stated by Inverse, he informed the showrunner, “The script you have for the first episode of Season 2 is perhaps the greatest of the ‘Wayne’ tale I’ve seen.” “It’d just be… extremely lovely if I could make it.”

Despite the fact that “Wayne” hasn’t shown any new episodes since 2019, viewers shouldn’t write it off just yet. “Wayne” is the only show that has the potential to beat the odds and return after such a long sabbatical.
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Cast of Wayne Season 2

Nothing can be written about the Season 2 cast at this time due to a lack of information. We expect all of the characters to return in the second season in that situation. Almost all of the actors on the following list will return to their prior roles.

Wayne Season 2 Cast

Wayne Season 2 Release Date

Because the show has not yet been renewed, there is currently no indication on when Season 2 of “Wayne” will air. Even if Amazon buys a new season, fans will have to wait a long time for new episodes. Since Season 1 debuted in 2019, the cast has been working on a variety of projects.

Wayne Season 2

Mark McKenna, for example, has been cast in the upcoming Peacock original series “One of Us Is Lying.” The second season of “Wayne” will have to wait till the young actor’s schedule allows it because there can’t be a “Wayne” without Wayne.

If “One of Us Is Lying” ends this year, McKenna might start filming Season 2 of “Wayne” in the second half of 2021, putting the next season’s release date in summer 2022 at the earliest.

That is, providing Amazon picks up a second season before McKenna and the other cast members go on to new projects.

Where to watch Wayne season 2?

Watch the series on Amazon Prime Video!

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