We Are the Wave Season 2: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

We Are the Wave is a German coming-of-age drama web series that is almost based on the 1981 novel The Wave which has been written by Todd Strasser. We Are the Wave season one was originally premiered on Netflix on 1 November 2019. This mysterious web series has been written by Jan Berger and directed by Anca Miruna and Mark Monheim. We Are the Wave is full of mysteries, chills, and twists with brilliant cinematography and has been liked by millions of fans out there.

Now, they are curiously hunting for the arrival of season 2. Now in the below section, we will be sharing all the recent updates on this upcoming series. So, keep an eye out there for this space so that you do not miss any latest updates.

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This television series has managed to garner tons of love from the side of the viewers and has been rated on several rating platforms like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and many more. Season one has done well on the screens but it did not hit the expectations of the fans and managed to get just an average on the IMDb that is 6.2 out of 10, 3 out of 5 on Common Sense Media, and 3.6 on Rotten Tomatoes.

Overall, it has been worth watching and the fans are continuously asked to revive the series for another season as well. In the below section we will get to know when it will arrive, what are the cast and the storyline for the second season.

We Are the Wave Season 2
We Are the Wave Season 2

We Are the Wave Season 2: Release Date

As of now, the showrunners of this next season have not announced any concrete release date for the upcoming series. The lack of an official release date does not mean that it will rule out the possibilities of its arrival. However, there are tons of speculations from the side of fans that the makers will release the date of its premiere on the demand of the fans. 

There are many series in the queue for Netflix so it might take a bit of time to release this series. However, there are fair chances that if the showrunners revive this series then most probably it will hit the screen at the beginning of 2022 or the end of the same month. The day makers announce any concrete plan to revive this series then we will get back to you again with updated content.

We Are the Wave Season 2: Cast

As of now, nothing has been cleared from the side of makers and if the upcoming season hit the screens then there are high chances that most of the characters of the previous season might be retained for the second season and more new faces to this show could be added as well to the list of cast. 

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In the below section, we will share the characters and their roles played in the previous season of We are the Wave. So, keep reading further to know more about the cast.

  • Ludwig Simon as Tristan Broch
  • Luis Befort as Lea Herst
  • Michelle Barthel as Zazie Elsner
  • Mohammed Issa as Rahim Hadad
  • Daniel Friedl as Haggen Lemmart
  • Bela Gabor Lenz as Marvin
  • Sarah Mahita as Paula
  • Christian Erdmann as Andreas Herst
  • Bianca Hein as Rike Herst
  • Jascha Baum as Luis
  • Andrea Guo as Birthe
  • Milena Tscharntke as Sophie
  • Manuel Klein as Glese 
  • Leon Seidel as Lasse
  • Charlotte Uedingslo as Tania
  • Christen Hunold as Kim 

We Are the Wave Season 2: Plot

The sixth and final episode of season one ends up with an explosive cliffhanger and there are high chances that season 2 will start from where season one left off. In the final episode, we witnessed that Tristan and Lea have been arrested while protesting and Zazie is at home with the bomb and what she plans is still unclear and the scene suggests that Zazie has become the most radical member of the group. In the second season, we might expect harsh consequences with Tristan and Zazie.

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We will get to know why she planned a bomb and Zazie’s arrest. However, these are only speculations until and unless makers reveal anything. If showrunners announce any concrete plot for the second season then we will share it with you all there. 

We Are the Wave Season 2: Trailer

The showrunners of this series are yet to announce the date of the trailer and for now, we do not have any official trailer for the upcoming series. It is predicted that if season 2 is revived then the trailer will be released a month before with a teaser. However, there are many fan-made trailers out there on various platforms like YouTube where you can watch out for the trailer and can extract the plots as well.

However, once the makers announce any official trailer then most probably we will get back to you again with the official trailer of it. Till then we can wait and watch out for season one.

The makers of this series are yet to disclose the revival status of this second season and the fans out there are curiously looking out for this, which is expected to arrive in the coming days.

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