Web Of Death: A Documentary On Online True Crime Detectives Who Solved Killings

As we all know an official trailer for Web of Death was released last week. In the opening minute a woman says that she enjoys the real crime community because she feels she can make a difference there.

In the next few minutes of the Web of Death trailer, we see and hear brutal murder scenes and people admitting that they are not very good at solving crimes. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Web Of Death.

Web Of Death

Web Of Death is an ABC News documentary series that examines homicide cases that were cracked with the help of internet detectives. The documentary series features interviews with those who used crowdsourcing, online DNA databases, and other means to collect the evidence necessary to solve some rather horrible murders, both fresh and cold.

In the first scene, Tricia Griffith, founder of the true crime forum Websleuths, is seen driving around the Dallas region.

In the starting, Griffith and the Websleuths community investigate the mystery surrounding the whereabouts of Abraham Shakespeare, a missing Florida man who had won $30 million in the state lottery in 2006. Shakespeare went missing in November of 2009. Even though he dropped out of school after the sixth grade to help support his family, Shakespeare’s life in Lakeland, Florida, was one of barely surviving. You can also read Netflix Perfect Match.

He won the lotto using a ticket he bought with a dollar he stole from a coworker, but he was a wonderful man nevertheless. Those close to him, as well as strangers who sought his assistance, were all well taken care of. But then an endless stream of beggars followed, and Shakespeare became disillusioned.

When his disappearance was reported months after his last known contact, detectives from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office were met with nothing. But the Websleuths followed up on it, and they found proof that Dee Dee Moore, who claimed she was helping Shakespeare with financial planning, had actually bought his house and incorporated his other assets.

Web Of Death
Web Of Death

The leading investigator from Polk County has joined the internet detectives’ discussion board because he is so impressed with their work so far. The situation then spirals out of control, but their efforts pay off in the end when Shakespeare’s body is located and Moore is convicted of his murder. You can also look at Janet Jackson Documentary.

What TV Shows Will It Remind You Of?

Web Of Death follows a similar anthology approach to that of a recent ABC News docuseries, Death In The Dorms. Before starting Web Of Death, we had some reservations about how the documentary’s creators would treat the amateur sleuths who use the internet to investigate homicides in their leisure time.

Yes, these folks have a slight addiction to real crime, and we get glimpses here and there of how the time spent online researching may come at the expense of quality time with loved ones.

Producers of Web of Death show respect for these professionals because they are the ones that solve the mysteries. To be honest, we were astounded by the evidence the Websleuths uncovered linking Dee Dee Moore to Shakespeare’s death.

According to the show’s creators, Moore was the type of person who could deflect or redirect any criticism directed at her. The fact that the Websleuths members persisted in following up with her indicates just how proficient they are. You may also be interested in Hulu Chainsaw Man.

In terms of style, the episode doesn’t stand out; it’s a fairly standard instalment of a true crime docuseries. However, the series’ central premise has the potential to show viewers what is possible when people who are determined to get to the truth are able to do what law enforcement can’t, whether that be due to a lack of manpower or procedural entanglements.

Other True-Crime Documentaries Offered By ABC News

ABC News has lined up some great documentaries for its viewers. ABC News Studios is also producing a documentary named The Ashley Madison Affair, in addition to Web of Death.

The Ashley Madison hacking and related data breach will be the subject of a multi-part Hulu Original documentary series. For this spring’s release, ABC has teamed up with Wall to Wall Media. You can also have a look at Gilded Age Season 2.

With the release of Death in the Dorms on January 5, 2023, and the forthcoming premiere of Killing County, ABC appears to have a full slate of documentaries.

To sum up it is clear that we have talked about Web of Death. It is a great series to watch by people who have a keen interest in such genre. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website greenenergyanalysis.com.

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