After a 'Bullet Train' Stunt, Aaron Taylor-johnson Lost a Chunk of His Hand and Passed Out

Aaron Taylor-Johnson took action-packed "Bullet Train" stunts a little too seriously.

After incurring an injury on set, the actor collapsed owing to low blood sugar caused by his "crazy wild Keto diet," which he described as "crazy." 

We were in a fight sequence, and I get drop-kicked across the room. And the one sharp bit of the corner where there wasn’t any padding took a chunk out of my hand,” the “Kraven the Hunter” star shared with Variety. 

And I literally went wham, passed out. And then I came back and asked, ‘Should we go again?’ And they were like ‘No, no, no. You gotta go get stitches at the hospital.’ So then I spent the night in the hospital.” 

Taylor-Johnson joked, “You know when you sign up for a David Leitch movie, you must get a couple of battle scars, some war wounds.” 

On the red carpet of the film's premiere, co-star Brad Pitt, who handled 95 percent of his own physical stunts in Jackie Chan-inspired fighting scenes, said that he had not been injured on filming. 

“Oh, I certainly went home and went ‘ahh,'” Pitt said. “But no. Aaron, on the other hand… Brian [Tyree Henry], on the other hand… The youngins, you know.”