Sony has acquired the studio responsible for creating the Destiny games.  

The tweets of both Bungie and PlayStation Studios confirm that the $3.6 billion acquisition of the indie game developer and publisher by Sony Interactive Entertainment has closed.  

The acquisition will not change Bungie's ability to make creative decisions or develop games independently 

Bungie will be treated as a separate subsidiary of Sony

According to TechCrunch, Sony is looking to Bungie to help it develop its own live service games in the vein of Destiny. 

Sony CEO Jim Ryan announced in an investor presentation in May that the company planned to allocate 55% of PlayStation's budget toward live service games by 2025.  

PlayStation has ambitious plans to release ten live service games by March 2026, and Sony is confident that Bungie's help will be instrumental in this endeavor. 

This week, Sony also finalized its purchase of Haven Studios, a Montreal-based developer working on a PlayStation 4 multiplayer game. Furthermore, Sony is not done yet.