Cassidy Hutchinson, a Former Trump White House Adviser, is Working With the DOJ Investigation

It has been reported that Cassidy Hutchinson, a former top adviser to Mark Meadows, and former chief of staff to President Donald Trump, has recently cooperated with the Department of Justice investigation into the events of January 6. 

From what we've heard, the Justice Department reached out to her after she testified before the House committee probing the January 6 attack on the Capitol a month ago. 

It was unclear how much help she would be willing to offer. 

Hutchinson is the latest person who has come forward to assist the Justice Department's investigation into the activities of high-ranking Trump administration officials on January 6. 

When news agencies reached out to Hutchinson's attorney for comment, they heard nothing back. Department of Justice officials, as well as a representative from the committee formed on January 6, both declined to comment. 

Hutchinson testified in front of the January 6 committee earlier this month, where she spent roughly two hours detailing what she claims happened behind the scenes at the White House in the days leading up to and immediately following the attack on January 6. 

Her story included details she saw with her own eyes and details she heard from others.