FBoy Island Season 2 Finale Twist is Game-Changing

Even though I'm not a big fan of reality shows, I can't help but keep an eye on FBoy Island. That's why the season 2 finale was so reaffirming. 

Like Marie Kondo, I love mess. Moreover, FBoy Island lives up to its name's connotation.  

hile the show knows what it's doing, Everyone on FBoy Island (well, okay, mostly everyone) is aware that they are not on, say, The Bachelor.  

Regardless of the outcome, the cast wants to have fun. We reached a new peak in the finale of season 2.

The season has already begun with what appears to be more significant stakes. 

Instead of breaking the rules in the first season, season 2 would actually follow them; three single women in search of love arrive on a tropical island where they must choose between 26 men, 13 of whom identify themselves as "Nice Guys" (i.e. men genuinely looking for love) and the other half as "FBoys" (i.e. guys only there for the money). 

They each get $100,000 if the woman chooses a Nice Guy in the end. If she goes with an FBoy, he has the option of staying and splitting the prize money with her, or he can walk away with it all.