A Fight Erupts Over the Claim That Manchin's Bill Raises Taxes on the Middle Class

The Democratic Party faces challenges in the upcoming midterm elections as a result of a messaging war that has broken out over a US government report that found that everyone, not just the wealthy, would be subject to higher taxes as a result of the Democrats' latest economic agenda. 

According to the Joint Committee on Taxation, the official congressional scorekeeper, the bill negotiated by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Joe Manchin could result in an additional $16.7 billion in taxes for middle- and low-income households in the coming year.

That seems to go against President Joe Biden's repeated pledges to keep taxes flat for households with incomes under $400,000 

It also makes it difficult for Democrats to sell their plan's benefits, which range from investments in clean energy and climate change mitigation to new health care laws.

The JCT's estimates, which were made at the request of Republicans on the panel and released by GOP staff on Friday, were met with skepticism from seasoned budget watchers. 

They pointed out that many low-income households' benefits are not factored into the calculations.

For the book tax, Goldwein said, "corporations may be the ones to fill out the paperwork." Taxes are paid by "people" in the end, though.