Georgia Grand Jury Investigating Trump Wants Testimony From Giuliani, Graham and Others

The Georgia prosecutor looking into former president Donald Trump's efforts to overturn the state's 2020 election results is attempting to subpoena several Trump allies, including Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Lindsey Graham, to testify before the special grand jury. 

To get Giuliani, Graham, and others to come to Georgia for questioning, Fulton County DA Fani Willis asked the presiding judge to issue certificates stating that they are material witnesses in the investigation. 

Trump's lawyers Cleta Mitchell, Kenneth Chesebro, Jenna Ellis, conservative attorney John Eastman, and pundit Jacki Deason were all named as potential material witnesses.  

The initiative to force the witnesses to testify was first reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

According to their certifications, the witnesses could be called to the stand as early as July 12. 

Giuliani's lawyer claimed that their client had "not been served with a subpoena." 

A spokesman for Graham did not immediately respond on Tuesday to a request for comment.