Glee Star Samantha Ware Speaks Out After Lea Michele Cast in Funny Girl: 'Silence Is Complicity'

While reactions to Lea Michele's casting in Funny Girl have ranged from "funny" to "girl," once Samantha Ware brings around the clouds from Twitter, Michele might as well be belting out "Don't Rain on My Parade." 

Ware, who co-starred with Michele on Glee's sixth season, reacted to Michele's Broadway success by focusing on the color of the Great White Way. 

"Yes, Broadway upholds whiteness. " Hollywood does the same," Ware said in a tweet this morning, referencing Michele replacing Beanie Feldstein. "Yes, silence is complicity. Yes, I'm loud. Yes, I'd do it again." 

"he said I don't deserve to have that job," Ware said in a subsequent Variety interview. "She talked about how she has reigned. 

And here's the thing: I completely understood that and was ready to be like, 'This is your show. I'm not here to be disrespectful.' 

But at that point, we were already past the respect, and she was just abusing her power. 

Ware was critical of the lack of intervention in the future Fanny Brice's behavior, and now, two years later, he is unsurprised to see that behavior rewarded.