Hutchinson Was One of the Witnesses Trump World Sought to Influence

Three news sources familiar with the hearing presentation said that former Trump White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson testified on January 6 that she had been contacted by someone trying to influence her testimony. 

At a hearing on Tuesday, the committee's vice chairwoman, Wyoming Republican Representative Liz Cheney, stated that two unnamed witnesses 

Some sources have heard that Hutchinson is a witness. 

At the end of Tuesday's blockbuster hearing, the committee presented examples of testimony in which witnesses recounted being pressured to stay loyal to the former President by those close to him. 

The committee presented testimony from two instances where witnesses were told that the president was aware that they had been called by the committee and that he hoped they would remain loyal to Trump. 

Committee members were extremely worried about Hutchinson's safety in the days leading up to the hearing. 

It was part of why they kept her identity concealed leading up to the meeting.