In iOS 16 a New iPhone Tool Makes Photobombing a Thing of the Past

With iOS 16, users of the iPhone will be able to make changes to Messages and the lock screen.  

However, I found one aspect of WWDC 2022 particularly interesting, and it only lasted for about 15 seconds. 

Not even a name has been given to the feature, but here's how it operates: To isolate a person or object in a photo from their background, tap and hold on to the image.  

When you release your finger from the screen, the cutout will be released from the photo and can be dragged into another app to be used in a different way, such as posting, sharing, or creating a collage. 

Photos of plants, food, landmarks, and even pets can be identified with the tap-and-lift feature, which is technically a part of Visual Lookup, a feature introduced in iOS 15.  

iOS 16's Visual Lookup feature made it possible to selectively crop an image or PDF for a specific object with a single tap and hold. 

When composing a message, the dog was "cut out" of the photo and pasted into the body of the message.