James Gunn Reveals the Destiny of Season 2's Peacemaker

In the last few weeks, a lot has been going on inside Warner Bros. Discovery, especially regarding HBO Max. 

Six movies and television shows were pulled from the streaming subscription service's portfolio almost immediately and quietly. 

According to reports, the production of the film, Batgirl, has been halted, and the movie is expected never to be released.

Many of Warner Bros.Discovery's plans have been kept under wraps, which has sparked a dispute on social media over whether some other projects, such as Peacemaker Season 2, are safe from cancellation. 

But James Gunn has revealed fascinating new information about the HBO Max series and its forthcoming season. 

Season 2 of Peacemaker is presently in development, according to Variety's source, and it doesn't appear to be canceled anytime soon.

A social media post from the Guardians of the Galaxy director indicates that not all DC projects, including the second season of an HBO Max favorite, are under consideration for cancellation.