New York Bans Guns in Many Public Places After Supreme Court Ruling

A week after the U.S. Supreme Court made it easier for people to carry handguns in public, the New York State Legislature passed a flurry of gun restrictions on Friday 

To mitigate the impact of the state Supreme Court's first major ruling on a Second Amendment case in over a decade, the state Senate and Assembly held a special session in which they repealed a concealed-carry restriction that had been ruled unconstitutional. 

Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul signed the bill into law on a Friday evening after it was presented to her. 

Legislators in the state were pressured to eliminate that requirement, so they made up for it by enacting more stringent restrictions. 

On September 1st, the law will prohibit firearms in all public places 

Times Square, a major tourist hub in Manhattan, is another area that will have a gun ban in place. 

Unless the owner posts a sign to the contrary, it will be assumed that firearms are not permitted inside private businesses across the state.