A Doomsday Disaster, a Marriage Proposal, and a New Beginning: Riverdale Season 6 Finale Recap?

In Riverdale's season finale, a deadly comet threatened to change everything, and it did. and from now on, Archie and his pals can expect nothing but change. 

As a refresher: Percival has launched a comet straight for Riverdale and sealed the city off with a force field to boot. 

"I'm so glad I moved here as a sophomore," Veronica says.  

Since Archie is set on finding a way past the force field, and Cheryl believes she knows someone who can reverse Percival's spells, they decide to work together to find a way around the field.  

Huh, it's Sabrina once more. Instead, they consult Cheryl's ancestor Abigail Blossom, who says that the icy comet can be melted by her granddaughter's phoenix-like wrath. 

Cheryl explains to the group that she can melt the comet but that doing so could drain all of her abilities, which could lead to the deaths of everyone she has brought back from the dead. 

She also makes a request of Toni: that the two of them grant Abigail and Thomasina possession of their bodies so that they may spend one more night together "in carnal form."